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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005Aboriginal ecotourism and archaeology in coastal NSW, Australia: Yarrawarra Place Stories ProjectBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Murphy, D; Perkins, C; Perkins, T; Smith, Anita Jane; Somerville, Margaret Jean 30-Apr-2009
2015Aboriginal resources change through time in New England upland wetlands, south-east AustraliaBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Haworth, Robert; Appleton, John 12-May-2015
2009Aboriginal settlement during the LGM at Brockman, Pilbara region, Western AustraliaSlack, Michael; Fillios, Melanie ; Fullagar, Richard13-Oct-2016
2013'All our sites are of high significance': Reflections from recent work in the Hunter Valley - Archaeological and Indigenous perspectivesSutton, Mary-Jean; Huntley, Jillian Alice; Anderson, Barry9-Apr-2014
2013'Ancient Mariners' in Northwest Kimberley Rock Art: An Analysis of Watercraft and Crew DepictionsRoss, June ; Travers, Meg E 14-Oct-2016
2015Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology: A field guide to common native and introduced speciesFillios, Melanie ; Blake, Natalie29-Jan-2016
2005Archaeology in Another Country: Exchange and Symbols in North West Central QueenslandDavidson, I ; Cook, NDJ; Fischer, M; Ridges, M; Ross, J ; Sutton, SA29-Jul-2008
2010The archaeology of cognitive evolutionDavidson, Iain 14-Apr-2011
1967Austral English and the Native Languages Problems Confronting the Modern ResearcherRyan, John S 13-Aug-2015
2010Australian archaeology as a historical scienceDavidson, Iain 14-Apr-2011
2013Ballistically anomalous stone projectile points in AustraliaNewman, Kimberlee ; Moore, Mark 12-Mar-2013
2009Beads across Australia: An ethnographic and archaeological view of the patterning of Aboriginal ornamentsMcAdam, Leila Evelyn; Davidson, Iain ; Morwood, Michael; Ross, June 11-Jan-2010
2012Biface Distributions and the Movius Line: A Southeast Asian perspectiveBrumm, Adam; Moore, Mark 12-Mar-2013
2015Bifacial Flintknapping in the Northwest Kimberley, Western AustraliaMoore, Mark 3-Nov-2015
2011Characteristics of a Pigment Art Sequence: Woronora Plateau, New South WalesHuntley, Jillian Alice; Watchman, Alan; Dibden, Julie12-Sep-2011
2013Climate change frames debate over the extinction of megafauna in Sahul (Pleistocene Australia-New Guinea)Wroe, Stephen ; Field, Judith; Archer, Michael; Grayson, Donald; Price, Gilbert; Louys, Julien; Faith, J Tyler; Webb, Gregory E; Davidson, Iain ; Mooney, Scott D7-Mar-2014
2012Colonising SahulMoore, Mark 12-Mar-2013
2010The Colonization of Australia and Its Adjacent Islands and the Evolution of Modern CognitionDavidson, Iain 14-Apr-2011
2016Continuity and Change in the Anthropomorphic Figures of Australia's northwest KimberleyTravers, Meg E ; Ross, June 9-Mar-2017
2015Continuity and Change: Exploring stylistic transitions in the anthropomorphic figures of the northwest Kimberley rock art assemblage and the varying contexts of rock art productionTravers, Meg Elizabeth; Ross, June ; Brady, Liam13-Jan-2016