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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Value chain analysis of dairy products in Wolaita zone, EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Baker, Derek ; Getnet, Kindie; Belay, Kassa15-May-2018
2004The Value of Intangibles in Privately Held FirmsGibson, Brian 29-Oct-2010
2006The Value of Video Stimulated Recall in Reflective Teaching PracticesReitano, Paul 25-Sep-2008
2008Valuing coastal and marine ecosystem servicesTurner, RK; Luisetti, T; Hadley, David 2-Jul-2012
1994Variations in the style of thrust faulting in the South Wales Coalfield and mechanisms of thrust developmentHathaway, Tanya ; Gayer, Rodney A20-Jan-2016
2012Vegetable protein diets are adequate but broiler chicken prefer animal protein dietsBhuiyan, Momenuzzaman ; Clatworthy, Geoffrey; Iji, Paul 8-Jul-2013
2007The Very Idea Evoked a Defamatory Response: Lord George Gordon and the proposed penal settlement at Botany BayCollins, Craig24-Aug-2009
2011VirtualPREX: Open and Distance Learning for pre-service teachersGregory, Sue ; James, Rosalind 31-Jan-2012
2010Visual representation of the syllabus content about "data"Prodromou, Theodosia ; Reading, Christine E 6-Jul-2011
1995Voluntary Euthanasia: The Northern Territory ExperienceEburn, Michael E23-Apr-2012
2010Volunteerism and Inclusiveness and the Future of LandcarePrior, Julian C 29-Sep-2010
20-Oct-2018Wanted pregnanciesGarratt, Debbie; Turner, Joseph V 9-Mar-2020
2013Water governance: a policy risk perspectiveMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline 5-Sep-2013
2010Waterspreading to restore native grasslandsMitchell, Kevin; Tighe, Matthew ; Thompson, Ray5-Jul-2011
2013Wellbeing of fly-in/fly-out and drive-in/drive-out employees: Evidence from AustraliaTuck, Jacqueline; Temple, Elizabeth ; Sipek, Michelle18-Jun-2017
2011What About the Girls? Case study of change in a rural schoolMiller, Judith A ; Puglisi, Lauren; Perry, Janine19-Mar-2012
2005What does the working class learn when it works?Boughton, Robert George 22-Aug-2012
2009What health service managers in Australia can learn from a study of the health-related Millennium Development Goals for migrants from Burma in ThailandDitton, Mary8-Sep-2010
2008What Kierkegaard Means to MeMcDonald, William 24-Jun-2014
2002What Part do Securities' Markets Play in Advancing Corporate Governance in Asia?Naughton, Tony; Hovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012