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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002A Samoan Perspective on Pacific Mathematics EducationAfamasaga-Fuata'i, Karoline 24-Sep-2012
2002Satisfying French Language Student Needs in a Climate of Rapid Change: The UNE ExperienceHutchinson, Joyce Hilary; McLoughlin, Catherine; Koplin, Mara17-Apr-2009
2003Scale, Risk and InformationDavidson, Iain 5-Aug-2009
2005School as a prison: a case study of masculinity and early school leaving - The use of school discourses to understand boys' early school leaving in Queensland, AustraliaHarrington, Ingrid 24-Apr-2012
2004School Behaviour Management: Building PartnershipsHarrington, Ingrid ; Sargeant, Jonathon Gilbert24-Apr-2012
2010Second Life™ and the novice user: What issues exist prior to commencing teaching in a virtual environment?Masters, Yvonne 27-May-2011
2004Self-Regulated Learning: How it can workCorrigan, Gerard; Taylor, Neil ; Cameron, Bruce Gillanders25-Jan-2010
1996Setting the Standards for Medical Negligence: The 'Bolam' test post 'Rogers v Whitaker'Eburn, Michael E23-Apr-2012
2006Sheep Genetics Australia: A national genetic evaluation system for Australian sheepBrown, Daniel ; Ball, Alex; Huisman, Abe; Swan, Andrew ; Atkins, Kevin ; Graser, Hans-Ulrich ; Banks, Robert ; Swan, P; Woolaston, R21-Mar-2012
2007Siblings of persons in the spectrum of autism: Exploring their concerns and supporting their needsMavropoulou, Sofia; Baloyianni, Niki25-Jun-2015
2006Simulating past selection for molecular breeding program evaluationMcClintock, Sara; Thompson, PC; McClintock, AE; Raadsma, HW; Tier, Bruce 21-Mar-2012
2010Six Hats in Second Life: Enhancing Preservice Teacher Learning in a Virtual WorldGregory, Susanne ; Masters, Yvonne 14-Oct-2010
2003Small Firms' Forecast RationalityGibson, Brian ; Cassar, Gavin29-Aug-2012
2016Small-scale sea naming in Oceania: Island toponymies and Pitcairn Island fishing ground namesNash, Joshua 26-Feb-2018
2016SNP Based Parentage Verification via Constraint Non-Linear OptimisationBoerner, Vinzent ; Banks, Robert 1-Jun-2017
2005The Social Contact Received by the Residents of Rural Nursing Homes: Visiting in the New England Area of New South WalesParmenter, G 21-Oct-2008
2002Soil microbial and chemical indicators of soil heath response to agricultural intensification practices on cracking black clay soilsNkem, Johnson; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; King, Kathy; Grant, Carl23-Feb-2018
2007Soil phosphorus status in organic and conventional vegetable farms in Southeast Queensland, AustraliaNachimuthu, Gunasekhar; Kristiansen, Paul ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Guppy, Christopher 12-Dec-2016
2008Soil Spatial Variability Effects on Irrigation EfficiencyKerridge, Belinda L; Hornbuckle, John; Christen, Evan W; Faulkner, Richard David 29-Aug-2012
1983Something Old, Something New: The Policing of Ordinances 30C and 30D of the NSW Local Government Act (1919) on a Group Council BasisGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Nugent, James B21-Oct-2013