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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1996Death Gives Birth to the need for new Law: The case for law reform regarding medical end of life decisionsEburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012
Jun-2018A Decade of Graduates' Employability and Career PathwaysWilkes, Janelle ; Burns, Adrienne 27-Jul-2020
2009Decision Maker Orientation, Environmental Uncertainty and the Governance Alliances of Privately Held FirmsGibson, Brian ; Weaver, K Mark; Dickson, Pat H; Vozikis, George1-Jul-2010
2010The Declaration: New strategic thinking to advancing health leadership and management through collaboration across the Asia Pacific regionIsouard, Godfrey ; Tejativaddhana, Phudit; Briggs, David ; Cruickshank, Mary ; Fraser, John ; Campbell, Steve 20-Feb-2012
2002Deeper learning through formative assessment of multimedia courseworkColbran, Stephen30-Mar-2010
2009DEHub: A New Vision for Australian Distance EducationTynan, Belinda27-Jul-2012
2010Design and Role of an Information Nucleus in Sheep Breeding ProgrammesVan Der Werf, Julius H ; Kinghorn, Brian ; Banks, Robert 23-Nov-2011
2012Designed Experiments In Mathematics Education ResearchProdromou, Theodosia 31-Jan-2013
2008Designing an effective evaluation model for the South African Department of AgricultureMadzivhandila, Tshilidzi Percy; Griffith, Garry ; Fleming, Euan 9-Jan-2012
2005The Determinants of Frequent Visiting in a Sample of Rural Australian Nursing HomesParmenter, G 21-Oct-2008
2014Determination of shedding profiles of infectious bursal disease virus in faeces of infected SPF chickens using qRT-PCR and association with levels in host tissues, dust and litterJayasundara, Kanchana; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Katz, Margaret E ; Islam, Afm Fakhrul ; Renz, Katrin ; Burgess, Susan ; McNally, Jody; Hunt, Peter 9-Mar-2016
2012Determining emissions profiles for Australian agricultural products at a regional scale: methodological opportunities and obstaclesBrock, Philippa; Graham, Phillip; Herridge, David ; Madden, Patrick; Schwenke, Graeme 7-May-2014
2011Determining the Rationality of Marketing Strategy on FarmsWright, Victor 28-Feb-2012
2009Developing Health Managers for effective health care deliveryBriggs, David 30-Mar-2010
2006Developing selection criteria for breeding heifers for Asian dairy production system with special emphasis to South AsiaJeyaruban, M G 29-Sep-2008
2015Dharmic Ecologies Down Under: An Ecocritical Perspective on Buddhist Symbolism in Australian PoetryRyan, John C 30-May-2017
2008The Dialectic of Moods: Emotions and Spirit in Kierkegaard and Mādhyamika BuddhismMcDonald, William 24-Jun-2014
2006Differentiating Web Service OfferingsKaminski, Halina; Sherdil, Khalid; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Madhavji, Nazim H; Perry, Mark 15-May-2020
1996Director's DutiesEburn, Michael E23-Apr-2012
2005Dissecting the Effects of Intensive Rotational Grazing on Worm Egg Counts in Sheep on the Cicerone ProjectHealey, Alison; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Knox, M R; Scott, James Murray 8-Jan-2010