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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006Can't go over it! Can't go through it! Must go around it!Freak, A ; Miller, JA ; Haynes, JE 19-Aug-2008
2009Capturing Their Imagination: Strategies For Stakeholder Communication When Implementing Innovation In Rural EducationStewart, Cherry 15-Mar-2010
2000Care, carers, doctors... and the law?Eburn, Michael E19-Apr-2012
2013Case III: Bridge CollapseLunney, Mark 13-Dec-2013
2007Case Study - Australian Law Postgraduate Network (ALPN)Colbran, Stephen; Kennedy, Amanda L 21-Jul-2009
2008Casual Beginning Teachers: Who Cares?Boyd, Jillian; Harrington, Ingrid ; Kivunja, Charles ; Jones, Marguerite Ann; Reitano, Paul 2-Jul-2012
2015Casual Teaching: A significant gap in professional learningJenkins, Kathryn A 7-Jul-2015
2005A Challenge in Comparative Education: Problematizing Agricultural and Natural Resources Management Education for Post Conflict BougainvilleJenkins, Bertram A 28-Jan-2010
2005The challenge of evaluating rural undergraduate multi-professional educationSmith, T; Thornberry, Patricia Ann; Cooper, R; Borwn, L; Jones, P; Williams, L; Lyons, M19-Jul-2012
2010Challenges in the Development of a Multimedia Authoring PedagogyChandler, Paul; O'Brien, Annemaree ; Unsworth, Leonard 15-Mar-2010
2002Changes of Australian tertiary students: a broad description and case study of learning approaches and student satisfaction in scienceQuinn, Frances ; Godwin, Julie 23-Jul-2012
2008Changing assessment practice to expand learning outcomes in a Business Studies Education unit for pre-service teachersNoble, Kay 16-Aug-2012
2008The changing climate for entomologyGregg, Peter ; Wilson, LJ10-Jan-2012
2009Characteristics of different consumer segments in the Australian beef marketMorales, Luis Emilio ; Griffith, Garry ; Wright, Vic ; Umberger, Wnedy; Fleming, Euan 22-Mar-2010
2008The characteristics of financially distressed SMEs in Thailand and changes as a result of restructuring processTerdpaopong, Kanitorn7-Apr-2010
2005Chilean needle grass ('Nassella neesiana') - integrated grazing for successGrech, Charles J; McLaren, David; Chapman, David; Sindel, Brian Mark 27-Jul-2012
2004Chinese Cross-Listed Firms - Listed on the New York Stock ExchangeHovey, D; Hovey, Martin 28-Jul-2010
2013'Choice of law' in e-commerce consumer transaction: the freedom that needs protectionJayabalan, Sheela; Marimuthu, Sharllene 6-Sep-2013
2007Civil Society and Peacebuilding in NepalOjha, Chakra Raj18-Mar-2010
2005Classifying Internet Traffic Using Linear RegressionMacKay, T; Baker, Robert Graham 7-Sep-2009