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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013An Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign in Australia using Yes I CanBeetson, Jack ; Ah Chee, Donna; Boughton, Robert G ; LeBlanch, Jose Chala11-Jul-2013
2006Accounting Standards and Small Firm Debt and Equity: An International Research AgendaGibson, Brian 29-Oct-2010
2004Active Learners in LecturesPaterson, David Leonard ; Berman, Jeanette ; Graham, Lorraine; Harrington, Ingrid ; Maurer, Brian John; Roach, Debbie; Sargeant, Jonathon Gilbert25-Jan-2010
2013Adaptive governance of cross-border river basins: Institutionalising sophisticated subsidiarityMarshall, Graham R 24-Mar-2014
2003Adult Education's Hidden History: Interrogating the 'Great Tradition'Boughton, Robert George 21-Aug-2012
2009Almond Genetic Linkage Map and Quantitative Trait Loci for Flowering Time in a 'Nonpareil' × 'Lauranne' PopulationRabiei, Reza; Wu, Shubiao ; Gibson, John ; Hunt, Peter; Murison, Robert D ; Sedgley, Margaret 26-Mar-2010
2010Analysing the development of institutional policies for sustainability and quality of OERs with a focus on the Australian contextBossu, Carina 19-Dec-2011
2006Analysis of genotype by feeding level interaction in pigs applying reaction norm modelsHermesch, Susanne ; Huisman, A; Luxford, BG; Graser, HU 8-Aug-2008
2013The Ancestry of Tibetanvan Driem, George4-Feb-2015
1989Antarctic Hoosh - The Genesis of a Keneally NovelRyan, John S 7-Mar-2013
2005Appropriately challenging work for all learners: what about students having fun?Paterson, David L; Smith, Susen19-Feb-2010
2001Assessing Creativity in Composing Music: Product-Process-Person-Environment ApproachesAuh, Myung-sook 19-Jun-2012
2007Assessing the rigor and relevance of planned instruction on an authentic task in which pre-service teachers target the moving skills of the NSW PDHPEK-6 syllabusFreak, Annette ; Miller, Judith A ; Haynes, John E 7-Oct-2010
2007Assisting on the Return Journey: International Law and the Role of the International CommunityEburn, Michael Ernest31-Jul-2009
2008The Australian Academic Profession: a first overviewCoates, H; Goedegebuure, Leo; Van Der Lee, Jeannet Jaantje ; Meek, Vincent Lynn 20-Sep-2012
2007Australian Electricity Supply: Orientations to Growth and Prospects for SustainabilitySmith, Gregory Owen 15-Aug-2012
2008Australian Experience with Private Higher EducationHarman, Grant 9-Aug-2012
2008Australian Higher Education Country ReportGoedegebuure, Leo; Meek, Vincent Lynn 22-Aug-2012
Sep-2017The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Assessing Australia's disaster resilience at a national scaleParsons, Melissa ; Morley, Phil ; Glavac, Sonya ; McGregor, James ; Hastings, Peter; Reeve, Ian ; Stayner, Richard ; McNeill, Judith ; Marshall, Graham 31-May-2019
2011Australian Tort Law: Unity, Fragmentation and ComplexityLunney, Mark 12-Dec-2013