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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Tale of Two Realities: Aligning Growth with Support in the Australian Organic MovementKristiansen, Paul 18-Jul-2013
2003Using brown snakes to organise patient free daysFraser, John 20-Jun-2011
2012Using technology to improve patient assessment and outcome evaluationDunstan, Debra ; Tooth, Suzie13-Feb-2013
2013Vale Robert Barnard (1936 - 2013)Ryan, John S 23-Dec-2014
2009Validity of a Paediatric Quality of Life Questionnaire for Participants with Juvenile Bipolar DisorderClayton, EH; Hirneth, S; Hazell, PL; Kable, CJ; Hanstock, Tanya3-Aug-2011
1981VI. Oceanic LanguagesRyan, John S 5-Nov-2015
1971VII. Oceanic LanguagesRyan, John S 5-Nov-2015
2014Ways forward for treating depressed patients with cancerSharpley, Christopher ; Christie, David R H ; Bitsika, Vicki 15-Oct-2014
2015Wood burning stoves produce PM2.5 particles in amounts similar to traffic and increase global warmingRobinson, Dorothy L 9-May-2018