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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Debate: Rejoinder to Sansom (2015)Drew, Joseph ; Dollery, Brian E 5-Nov-2015
2014Denis Wright (1947-2013)Brasted, Howard V ; Kent, David ; James, Tracey6-Jul-2017
2008The development of a European public sphere: a stalled project?Bee, Christano; Scartezzini, Richardo; Scott, Alan 22-Jul-2011
2001Developmental Mosaicism May Explain Spontaneous Reappearance of the Axin^Fu Mutation in MiceRuvinsky, Anatoly; Flood, Warren; Constantini, Frank21-Dec-2009
2011Dietary parallels in the co-evolution of dog and manBrown, Wendy 2-Aug-2011
2010Digit span improvement following long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids supplementation: A preliminary studyHanstock, Tanya; Hinreth, SJ; Hazell, PL; Kable, CJ; Clayton, EH3-Aug-2011
2001Drawing a line in the constitutional sand between congress and the foreign citizen 'cybersquatter'Forrest, Heather2-May-2008
2004"Drink plenty of fluids": Authors' replyGuppy, Michelle ; Mickan, Sharon M; Del Mar, Chris B31-May-2017
2004Early identification of the prodromal phase of bipolarHanstock, Tanya; Nunn, KP4-Aug-2011
2012Ecocritics have never been Green: Editor's NoteBristow, Thomas ; Harris, Stephen 28-Aug-2014
2013Ecosystem Services: ResponseBateman, Ian J; Harwood, Amii R; Fezzi, Carlo; Foden, Jo; Hadley, David ; Haines-Young, Roy; Hulme, Mark; Kontoleon, Andreas; Lovett, Andrew A; Munday, Paul; Pascual, Unai; Paterson, James; Mace, Georgina M; Perino, Grischa; Sen, Antara; Siriwardena, Gavin; Van Soest, Daan; Termansen, Mette; Watson, Robert T; Abson, David J; Andrews, Barnaby; Binner, Amy; Crowe, Andrew; Day, Brett H; Dugdale, Steve10-Feb-2014
2016EditorialGregory, Sue 4-Jul-2016
2011EditorialTaylor, Neil 12-Sep-2011
2015EditorialMartin, Paul ; Arnalds, Andres; Alter, Ted 26-Sep-2016
2014EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 20-Feb-2015
2013EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 20-Feb-2015
2012EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 20-Feb-2015
2012EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 20-Feb-2015
2012EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 20-Feb-2015
2013EditorialMorgan, Anne-Marie 20-Feb-2015