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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1998The 60's Man: Hierarchical structures and the Articulation of Male Experience in Selected Novels of Norman Mailer, Ken Kesey and Philip RothSpence, Nigel Patrick; Lee, Michael7-Dec-2010
2012Aboriginal and rural students' comprehension and talk about image-language relations in reading testsDaly, Ann Elizabeth; Unsworth, Leonard ; Chan, Eveline ; Lind, Peter3-Aug-2012
1999Aboriginal students can succeed: Factors influencing the retention, attainment and identity of ten successful Aboriginal students at senior secondary schoolRussell, Diane Joy; Harisun, Marelle; Eckermann, Anne-Katrin3-Nov-2011
2012Absorption, Fantasy Proneness, and Trance: Dissociative Pathways of Affective Self-Regulation in TraumaLoi, Natasha ; Jamieson, Graham ; Hine, Donald 22-May-2012
2012Absurdity and Revolt in the works of Georges Duhamel: A Camusian readingRowe, Christopher Paul; Southwood, Jane; Hatte, Jennifer 15-Oct-2012
2007Acid soils and soil acidification on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaDalby, Christine Ellen; Lockwood, Peter; Wilson, Brian R; Daniel, Heiko 13-Oct-2009
2016Actigraphic Monitoring of Heart Rate and Movement as an Index of Daily Body Energy Expenditure in Health and DiseaseMehdi, Amged Maslem; van der Touw, Tom; McFarlane, James 21-Nov-2016
2009Action Research to Build the Capacity of Nyikina Indigenous AustraliansPoelina, Anne; Madison, Jeanne ; Maple, Myfanwy 19-Oct-2009
2008Adaptable Application Interface Design For Heterogeneous Mobile DevicesWang, Lijian; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 15-Jan-2013
1997Adjustments to the National Income Accounts: A Theoretical Framework with Applications to Government Defensive Expenditure and LeisureAlminaza-Varua, Maria Estela; Sinden, John; Rambaldi, Alicia18-Oct-2010
2009Adolescent literacies for critical social and community engagementHumphrey, Sally Louise; Unsworth, Leonard ; MacKen-Horarik, Mary17-Sep-2009
1999Adopting syllabuses expressed in terms of student learning outcomes through teaching practice and school organisation: A qualitative analysis of three primary schools in the New South Wales Department of School EducationChambers, Ian Rex; Laird, David; Thomas, Ross27-Sep-2010
2012Adoption and Performance of 'Clean and Safe' Vegetable Farming Systems in Northern ThailandKramol, Prathanthip; Villano, Renato ; Fleming, Euan ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Chang, Christie2-Aug-2012
2009The Adoption of Agricultural InnovationsKaine, Geoffrey; Wright, Victor ; Cooksey, Ray17-Sep-2009
2002Adorno and the modern ethos of freedomHearfield, Colin ; McDonald, William ; Lynch, Anthony 21-Jun-2012
1999Adult learners' understandings of fraction questionsHayman, Kerryn Anne; Pegg, John 20-Dec-2010
2013The African Union's Role in Peacekeeping: Building on Lessons Learned from OperationsBadmus, Isiaka Alani; Jenkins, Bertram ; Ware, Helen 28-Nov-2013
1987Agricultural Market Development in the South PacificFleming, Euan ; Hardaker, Brian20-Nov-2015
2016Agricultural Productivity, Efficiency and Growth in BotswanaTemoso, Omphile; Hadley, David ; Villano, Renato 9-Aug-2017
2009Altering broiler gut development, morphology, microbiology and function by manipulating feed grain type, particle size and milling method affects life-long performanceRodgers, Nicholas ; Iji, Paul ; Choct, Mingan ; Mikkelsen, Lene Lind; Kocher, Andreas17-Sep-2009