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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113D digital multimodal narrative composition in the upper primary schoolChandler, Paul
2014The ability of two internal clock models to predict performance on a temporal bisection taskWiles, Lisa; Bizo, Lewis ; McEwan, James S
2012Aboriginal Night Patrols in rural New South Wales: How are they travelling?Barclay, Elaine ; Scott, John 
2006Absence of variation between sheep in motivation to feedRoberts, N; Laborie, J; Kerr, C A; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Matthews, L R; Barnett, J L; Hemsworth, P H; Fisher, A D
2017Abundance of 'Helicoverpa' host plants in inland Australia before and after the Millennium DroughtDel Socorro, Alice ; Gregg, Peter ; Le Mottee, Kris
2014The Academic Role: Service, Compliance, FreedomBaron, Paula; Corbin, Lillian 
2006Accident and mistake in provocationWright, Fran
2010Accounting Education and Practice Interactions in Developing Countries and the Role of Global Pressure: An Ethiopian ExampleBobe, Belete Jember; Mihret, Dessalegn
2011Accounting For Business Sustainability: An OverviewAbou Taleb, Mona ; Gibson, Brian; Hovey, Martin 
2011Accounting For Income in Business SustainabilityAbou Taleb, Mona ; Gibson, Brian; Hovey, Martin 
2011Accuracy and Precision of Sampling for Worm Egg Count EstimatesKahn, Lewis 
2015Acoustic analysis of the distress vocalisation of the neonate lambMorton, Christine ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; McDonald, Paul ; Small, Alison
1982Action of the Crustacean Hyperglycemic Hormone (CHH) on Adenylate Cyclase and Phosphodiesterase in Crayfish Abdominal MuscleSedlmeier, D; Dieberg, Gudrun 
2011Activation of Basophils by Gastrointestinal Nematode ParasitesCorvan, Sinead; Andronicos, Nicholas; Agnew, Linda 
2010Active Optical Sensors for grazing systems researchLamb, David ; Trotter, Mark 
2010Activity restriction as a mediator of the relationship between ageing-related physical decline and mental health: A report from the New Zealand longitudinal study of agingBhullar, Navjot ; Towers, A; Alpass, F; Stephens, Chris
2008Acute immune modulatory effects of bioavailable Echinacea alkamidesMatthias, A; Connellan, P; Thompson, D; Bone, Kerry; Lehmann, RP
2013Administrative Records for Official Statistics: Food for Thought on Uganda's Livestock DataOkello, Julius; Sserruga, Joseph; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 
2012Adolescent Girls and Physical ActivityMiller, Judith A ; Da Silva, Sara
2014Adolescents' Compulsive Internet Use and Depression: A Longitudinal StudyThorsteinsson, Einar B ; Davey, Lucy