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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
20091 January 1901 - Australia Federates, Australia CelebratesIhde, Erin 16-Aug-2009
200214. 'Oxycaryum' Nees in C. F. P. von Martius et al., Fl. Brasil. 2(1): 90. 1842Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
200814000 BP On Being Alone: The Isolation of the TasmaniansDavidson, Iain ; Roberts, David 22-Jan-2010
200216. 'Remirea' AubletTucker, Gordon C; Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
2013The 1890-1910 Crisis of Australian Capitalism and the Social Democratic Response: Was the Australian model a pioneering regime of Social Democratic Welfare Capitalist regulation?Lloyd, Christopher 17-Mar-2014
200220. 'Blysmopsis' Oteng-YeboahTucker, Gordon C; Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
200926 January 1788: The Arrival of the First Fleet and the 'Foundation of Australia'Roberts, David 17-Nov-2009
20028. 'Eleocharis' R. Brown, Prodr., 224. 1810Smith, S Galen; Bruhl, Jeremy James ; Gonzalez-Elizondo, M Sorocco; Menapace, Francis J22-Feb-2010
20028ald. 'Eleocharis' R. Brown (subg. 'Eleocharis' sect. 'Eleocharis') ser. 'Tenuissimae' SvensonSmith, S G; Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
20029. 'Websteria' S. H. Wright, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 14: 135. 1887Bruhl, Jeremy James 22-Feb-2010
2016A.S. Neill (1883-1973)Hobson, Peter 16-May-2017
2006Aboriginal and First Nations approaches to counsellingAtkinson, Judy; Kennedy, Dwayne ; Bowers, Randolph5-Dec-2011
2006Aboriginal ArchaeologyBeck, Wendy Elizabeth 5-May-2009
2005Aboriginal ecotourism and archaeology in coastal NSW, Australia: Yarrawarra Place Stories ProjectBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Murphy, D; Perkins, C; Perkins, T; Smith, Anita Jane; Somerville, Margaret Jean 30-Apr-2009
2014Aboriginal EnglishEades, Diana 17-Nov-2014
2014Aboriginal English and Bi-Dialectal Identity in Early Childhood EducationEllis, Elizabeth M 29-Apr-2015
2007Aboriginal English in the criminal justice systemEades, Diana 2-Jun-2010
2003Aboriginal Families and the School SystemSims, Margaret ; O'Connor, Moira; Forrest, Michelle2-Nov-2009
2006Aborigines and CitizensJordan, Matthew Brian4-May-2009
2013About the similarity between the oystercatcher and Vincent van HeuvenGooskens, Charlotte ; van Bezooijen, Renee8-May-2017