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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008The ABCs of learning disabilitiesWong, BYL; Graham, Lorraine; Hoskyn, M; Berman, Jeanette 7-Oct-2009
2013Aboriginal Ways of Using EnglishEades, Diana 24-Sep-2014
2008Aborigines & Activism: Race, Aborigines & the Coming of the Sixties to AustraliaClark, Jennifer Rose 11-Aug-2009
2005The Accessible HegelFox, MA 18-Sep-2008
2007Activities To Enhance Social, Emotional, And Problem-Solving Skills: Seventy-Six Activities That Teach Children, Adolescents, and Adults Skills Crucial to Success in LifeMalouff, John Michael ; Schutte, Nicola 12-May-2010
2018Adaptable TV: Rewiring the TextGriggs, Yvonne 20-Aug-2018
2004ADF on the Beat: A Legal Analysis of Offshore Enforcement by the Australian Defence ForceMoore, C 1-Aug-2008
2004Adorno and the Modern Ethos of FreedomHearfield, Colin 12-Aug-2009
2015All the Abbé's Women: Power and Misogyny in Seventeenth-Century France, through the Writings of Abbé d'AubignacBourque, Bernard 18-Aug-2015
2002All Work No Pay: Australian Civilian Volunteers in WarOppenheimer, Melanie 23-Jan-2012
2016Aloysius Bertrand's 'Gaspard de la Nuit': Beyond the Prose PoemGosetti, Valentina 16-Aug-2016
2013The American Idea of England, 1776-1840: Transatlantic WritingClark, Jennifer R 29-Aug-2013
2002The Ancient Greeks in their own WordsDillon, Matthew Paul 29-Apr-2009
2012The Ancient Greeks: History and culture from archaic times to the death of AlexanderDillon, Matthew P ; Garland, Lynda10-Sep-2012
2003Ancient Ochres: The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of Mount BorradaileRoberts, David ; Parker, A29-Apr-2009
2005Ancient Rome: From the Early Republic to the Assassination of Julius CaesarDillon, MP ; Garland, L29-Jul-2008
2015Animal Bones in Australian Archaeology: A field guide to common native and introduced speciesFillios, Melanie ; Blake, Natalie29-Jan-2016
2004Annotated Translation of Sutras from the Chinese Samyuktagama relevant to the Early Buddhist Teachings on Emptiness and the Middle WayChoong, MK 18-Sep-2008
25-Apr-2019Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories in the Early Modern Iberian World: Narratives of Fear and HatredSoyer, Francois 13-May-2019
2014Anzac Labour: Workplace Cultures in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World WarWise, Nathan 18-Dec-2014