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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1958'The Writing on the Wall' by Erzsebet Kisjokai: English version translated by Istvan K. Karpathy and adapted by John S. RyanKisjokai, Erzsebet; Karpathy, Istvan K; Ryan, John S
1962Drama in the University: May 1957 - July 1962Ryan, John S
1962Toward an Australian Place-Name Society: Techniques to be employed in a New-World ContextRyan, John S
1963Othin in England: Evidence from the Poetry for a Cult of Woden in Anglo-Saxon EnglandRyan, John S
1963Some Place Names in New England. Part II: The European ElementRyan, John S
1963Some Place Names in New England. Part I: Aboriginal NamesRyan, John S
1963Some Aboriginal Place-Names in the Richmond Tweed AreaRyan, John Sprott
1964Some Aboriginal Place-Names on the Mid-North Coast of New South WalesRyan, John S
1964Plays Preparation and ProductionRyan, John S
1964The Bear and the Water: A Study in Mythological EtymologyRyan, John S
1964The Land of Ulitarra: Early Records of the Aborigines of the Mid-North Coast of New South WalesRyan, John S
1965Charles Dickens and New Zealand: A Colonial ImageDickens, Charles; Ryan, John S
1965The Rationale of Proper Name Study - An Extension of the Extra-Lexical Common StockRyan, John S
1965Memorials of Ireland: The Investigation of Irish Place NamesRyan, John S
1965Literary Taste - Some Fossilized PreferencesRyan, John S
1966The Man Behind the Mask - C. S. LewisRyan, John S
1966A Tale of Two Cities: London and WellingtonRyan, John S
1967Review of 'Myths and Legends of Australia'. By A. W. Reed and A. H. Reed, 1965. Pp. 256. 21SRyan, John S
1967Solutions formed from mixtures of large and small globular moleculesMarsh, Kenneth Neil; Stokes, R H
1967Victorian England and Brave New World - The Novel (1875 - 1925): Background Papers for Discussion Group UseClark, C C; Ryan, John S