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2020Efficient polygenic risk scores for biobank scale data by exploiting phenotypes from inferred relativesTruong, Buu; Zhou, Xuan; Shin, Jisu; Li, Jiuyong; Van Der Werf, Julius H J ; Le, Thuc D; Lee, S Hong 25-Mar-2022
19-Aug-2019The genetic relationship between female reproductive traits and six psychiatric disordersNi, Guiyan ; Amare, Azmeraw T; Zhou, Xuan; Mills, Natalie; Gratten, Jacob; Lee, Sang Hong 25-Mar-2022
2019Genotype-covariate correlation and interaction disentangled by a whole-genome multivariate reaction norm modelNi, Guiyan ; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Zhou, Xuan; Hypponen, Elina; Wray, Naomi R; Lee, S Hong 25-Mar-2022
21-Apr-2020Whole-Genome Approach Discovers Novel Genetic and Nongenetic Variance Components Modulated by Lifestyle for Cardiovascular HealthZhou, Xuan; Van Der Werf, Julius ; Carson-Chahhoud, Kristin; Ni, Guiyan ; McGrath, John; Hypponen, Elina; Lee, S Hong 25-Mar-2022