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2007A general random walk model for the leptokurtic distribution of organism movement: Theory and applicationZhang, X; Johnson, S N; Crawford, J W; Gregory, P J; Young, Iain 6-Feb-2012
2014Genomic prediction in CIMMYT maize and wheat breeding programsCrossa, J; Perez, P; Bonnett, D; Matthews, K; Hickey, John; Burgueno, J; Ornella, L; Ceron-Rojas, J; Zhang, X; Dreisigacker, S; Babu, R; Li, Y27-Oct-2014
2004Host plant recognition by the root feeding clover weevil, 'Sitona lepidus' (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Johnson, S N; Gregory, P J; Murray, P J; Zhang, X; Young, Iain 15-Apr-2010
2004Spatial variation of effective porosity and its implications for discharge in an upland headwater catchment in ScotlandDeeks, L K; Bengough, A G; Low, D; Billett, M F; Zhang, X; Crawford, J W; Cyhessell, J M; Young, Iain 9-Apr-2010
2004Sympodial structure of spikelets in the tribe Schoeneae (Cyperaceae)Zhang, X; Wilson, KL; Bruhl, JJ 11-Aug-2008