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2013Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?Andrew, Nigel R ; Hill, Sarah J ; Binns, Matthew; Bahar, Md Habibullah; Ridley, Emma V; Jung, Myung-Pyo; Fyfe, Christine ; Yates, Michelle; Khusro, Mohammad28-Jun-2013
2011Comparison of ant community composition across different land-use types: assessing morphological traits with more common methodsYates, Michelle; Andrew, Nigel R 28-Jun-2011
2011Habitat characteristics may override climatic influences on ant assemblage composition: a study using a 300-km climatic gradientYates, Michelle; Gibb, Heloise ; Andrew, Nigel R 12-Jun-2012
2014Morphological traits: predictable responses to macrohabitats across a 300 km scaleYates, Michelle; Andrew, Nigel R ; Binns, Matthew; Gibb, Heloise22-Dec-2014