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2009Changes in Ovarian Follistatin Levels During the Oestrous Cycle in Sheep may Serve as an Intraovarian RegulatorXia, Y; O'Shea, Timothy; Almohbobi, G; McFarlane, James R26-May-2010
2003Concentrations of Progesterone, Follistatin, and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone in Peripheral Plasma Across the Estrous Cycle and Pregnancy in Merino Ewes That Are Homozygous or Noncarriers of the Booroola GeneXia, Y; O'Shea, T; Murison, RD ; McFarlane, JR21-Jul-2008
2002Follistatin concentrations in maternal and fetal fluids during the oestrous cycle, gestation and parturition in Merino sheepMcFarlane, James Robert; Xia, Y; O'Shea, Timothy; Hayward, S; O'Connor, A; Kretser, D M16-Dec-2009