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1998Effect of divergent selection for yearling growth rate on protein metabolism in hind-limb muscle and whole body of Angus cattleOddy, Hutton ; Herd, Robert M ; McDonagh, M B; Woodgate, R; Quinn, C A; Zirkler, K26-Jul-2017
2008Effects of the absence of protozoa from birth or from weaning on the growth and methane production of lambsHegarty, Roger ; Bird, Simon H; Vanselow, Barbara ; Woodgate, R9-Dec-2011
2012Integrated parasite management: Products for adoption by the Australian sheep industryKahn, Lewis ; Woodgate, R31-Mar-2014
2007Methane production in cattle selected for residual feed intakeHegarty, Roger ; Herd, Robert M ; Woodgate, R30-Nov-2015
2010Modes of transmission of rumen protozoa between mature sheepBird, Simon H; Hegarty, Roger ; Woodgate, R9-Dec-2011
2008Persistence of defaunation effects on digestion and methane production in ewesBird, Simon H; Hegarty, Roger ; Woodgate, R13-Dec-2011
2009Repeatability of rumen volatile fatty acid concentrations in sheep under field conditionsGoopy, John Patrick ; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Woodgate, R; Hegarty, Roger 16-Mar-2010
2009Short-term validation of a rumen indwelling pH meterGoopy, John Patrick ; Woodgate, R16-Mar-2010
2010Use of supplementary nitrate to mitigate methane production and provide rumen degradable N for ruminantsNolan, John V ; Hegarty, Roger ; Hegarty, Jennifer Shirley ; Godwin, Ian ; Woodgate, R3-Jun-2011
2011Validation of a short-term methane measurement using portable static chambers to estimate daily methane production in sheepGoopy, John Patrick ; Woodgate, R; Donaldson, A; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Hegarty, Roger 31-Jan-2013