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2004Captive breeding, growth, and development of thermoregulation in the eastern pygmy-possum 'Cercartetus nanus'Westman, Wendy; Geiser, Fritz 11-Dec-2009
2002Developmental thermoenergetics of the dasyurid marsupial 'Antechinus stuartii'Westman, Wendy; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 16-Dec-2009
2004The effect of metabolic fuel availability on thermoregulation and torpor in a marsupial hibernatorWestman, Wendy; Geiser, Fritz 16-Nov-2009
2005Lateralisation of escape responses in the stripe-faced dunnart, 'Sminthopsis macroura' (Dasyuridae: Marsupialia)Lipplios, G; Westman, Wendy; McAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Rogers, Lesley 21-Sep-2011
2003Reproduction and growth in house mice from cold, hot and thermally moderate environmentsMcAllan, Bronwyn Marie; Westman, Wendy; Crowther, MS; Dickman, CR11-Sep-2013
2008Sex, season and melatonin administration affects daily activity rhythms in a marsupial, the brown antechinus, 'Antechinus stuartii'McAllan, B M; Westman, Wendy; Körtner, G; Cairns, Stuart Charles 14-Dec-2009