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2015Making 'Carex' monophyletic (Cyperaceae, tribe Cariceae): a new broader circumscriptionWaterway, Marcia J; Ford, K A; Bruederle, L P; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Chung, K-S; Cochrane, T S; Escudero, M; Ford, B A; Gebauer, S; Gehrke, B; Hahn, M; Hipp, A L; Luceno, M; Hoffmann, M H; Hoshino, T; Jimenez-Mejias, P; Jin, X-F; Jung, J; Kim, S; Maguilla, E; Masaki, T; Miguez, M; Molina, A; Martin-Bravo, S; Naczi, R F C; Reznicek, A A; Rothrock, P E; Simpson, D A; Spalink, D; Thomas, W W; Villaverde, T; Global Carex Group,; Starr, J R; Wilson, K L; Yano, O; Zhang, S R; Roalson, E H; Alverson, W S14-Jun-2017
2016Specimens at the Center: An Informatics Workflow and Toolkit for Specimen-level Analysis of Public DNA Database DataPham, Kasey K; Ford, Bruce A; Gebauer, Sebastian; Gehrke, Berit; Hoffmann, Matthias H; Hoshino, Takuji; Jimenez-Mejias, Pedro; Jung, Jongduk; Kim, Sangtae; Luceno, Modesto; Maguilla, Enrique; Hahn, Marlene; Martin-Bravo, Santiago; Naczi, Robert F C; Reznicek, Anton A; Roalson, Eric H; Simpson, David A; Starr, Julian R; Villaverde, Tamara; Waterway, Marcia J; Wilson, Karen L; Yano, Okihito; Lueders, Kate; Zhang, Shuren; Hipp, Andrew L; Brown, Bethany H; Bruederle, Leo P; Bruhl, Jeremy J ; Chung, Kyong-Sook; Derieg, Nathan J; Escudero, Marcial2-May-2017