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2003Approximate Query Processing for a Content-Based Image Retrieval MethodKwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kitagawa, Hiroyuki; Kameyama, Keisuke2-Aug-2010
2000Compressed Beef Marbling Image Database with Browser-based Retrieval SystemKwan, Paul H ; Yoshikawa, Fumito; Sugiyama, Tetsuo; Katagishi, Kazuki; Toraichi, Kazuo; Wada, Koichi; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Mitsumoto, Mitsuru; Nakai, Hiroyasu25-May-2010
2001Connecting Image Similarity Retrieval with Consistent Labeling Problem by Introducing a Match-all LabelKwan, Paul H ; Kameyama, Keisuke; Toraichi, Kazuo25-May-2010
2011Content-Based Image Retrieval of Cultural Heritage Symbols by Interaction of Visual PerspectivesKwan, Paul H ; Kameyama, Keisuke; Gao, Junbin; Toraichi, Kazuo22-Feb-2012
2004Content-Based Retrieval for A Database of Function Approximated Kamon ImagesKwan, Paul Hing ; Wada, Koichi; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Toraichi, Kazuo8-Feb-2010
2005Content-based Retrieval of Kamon Images by Image Smoothing and RelaxationTachikawa, Takayuki; Kameyama, Keisuke; Kawabe, Tohru; Toraichi, Kazuo; Otsu, Nobuyuki; Kurita, Takio; Kwan, Paul Hing 10-Feb-2010
2002A Dispatcher-driven Processing Architecture for Image Similarity Retrieval using Clustered Relaxation Matching serversKwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Wada, Koichi; Kameyama, Keisuke31-May-2010
2003Fluency Function Approximation of Thin Line ImagesKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Nakamura, Koji; Kwan, Paul H 22-Sep-2014
2004High Precision and High Speed TV Picture Quality Enhancement Method based on Compactly Supported Sampling FunctionRyu, Heeburm; Nakamura, Koji; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul Hing ; Morooka, Yasou; Wada, Koichi8-Feb-2010
2004A Method for High Precision Enlargement of Pictures taken by Cellular Phone on Personal ComputerOhmiya, Yasuhiro; Katagishi, Kazuki; Kwan, Paul Hing ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Matsumura, Atsushi; Kawada, Ryoichi; Koike, Atsushi; Murakami, Hitomi8-Feb-2010
2003A Method on Tracking Common Boundaries of Color Regions in function Approximation-based Image CodingSugiyama, Tetsuo; Kwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Katagishi, Kazuki31-May-2010
2002A Method on Tracking Unit Pixel Width Line Segments for Function Approximation-Based Image CodingKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul H ; Wada, Koichi25-Jun-2014
2005A Multi-step Strategy for Shape Similarity Search In Kamon Image DatabaseKwan, Paul Hing ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kameyama, Keisuke; Gao, Junbin; Otsu, Nobuyuki22-Dec-2009
2003A New Method on Assigning Function Types to Line Segments for Function Approximation-based Image CodingKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul H 11-May-2010
2001On an image contour compression method using compactly supported sampling functionsKwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Wada, Koichi; Kameyama, Keisuke; Katagishi, Kazuki; Sugiyama, Tetsuo; Yoshikawa, Fumito6-Mar-2014
2004Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies: CCCT 2004, Volume IIIChu, Hsing-Wei; Savoie, Michael; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul H 7-May-2012
2002A Publishing System based on Fluency Coding MethodKawazoe, Fumio; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kwan, Paul H ; Nakamura, Koji25-May-2010
2002TAST-Trademark Application AssistantKwan, Paul H ; Toraichi, Kazuo; Kameyama, Keisuke; Kawazoe, Fumio; Nakamura, Koji31-May-2010
2001Trademark Retrieval by Relaxation Matching on Fluency Function Approximated Image ContoursKwan, Paul H ; Kameyama, Keisuke; Toraichi, Kazuo6-Mar-2014