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20-Dec-2012Assessing DSM-IV symptoms of panic attack in the general population: An item response analysisSunderland, Matthew; Hobbs, Megan J ; Andrews, Gavin; Craske, Michelle G25-May-2020
1-Apr-2020Comparing Scores From Full Length, Short Form, and Adaptive Tests of the Social Interaction Anxiety and Social Phobia ScalesSunderland, Matthew; Afzali, Mohammad H; Batterham, Philip J; Calear, Alison L; Carragher, Natacha; Hobbs, Megan ; Mahoney, Alison; Peters, Lorna; Slade, Tim19-May-2020
Feb-2012Psychological distress across the lifespan: examining age-related item bias in the Kessler 6 Psychological Distress ScaleSunderland, Matthew; Hobbs, Megan J ; Anderson, Tracy M; Andrews, Gavin25-May-2020
Oct-2016The Worry Behaviors Inventory: Assessing the behavioral avoidance associated with generalized anxiety disorderMahoney, Alison E J; Hobbs, Megan J ; Newby, Jill M; Williams, Alishia D; Sunderland, Matthew; Andrews, Gavin22-May-2020