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2015Anomalous Cognition and Psychokinesis Research in Australia and Asian LabsStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam J 15-Jul-2015
2015Dreaming of Psi: A Narrative Review and Meta-Analysis of Dream-ESP Studies at the Maimonides Dream Laboratory and BeyondStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam J 20-Aug-2015
2014Imagery Cultivation and Extra-Sensory PerceptionStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 25-May-2015
2012Imagery Cultivation vs. Noise Reduction: Psi from Opposing PerspectivesStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam J 17-May-2013
2014In Search of Psi: Contemporary Perspectives on Extra-Sensory Perception, Psychokinesis, and SurvivalRock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance25-May-2015
2014In Search of Psi: Destination Unknown or Destination Nowhere?Rock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance25-May-2015
2014An Investigation of the 'I Ching' Using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: I. Four Possible Psi PredictorsStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 30-Apr-2015
2014An Investigation of the 'I Ching' Using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: II. The Effect of Reactance on PsiStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 30-Apr-2015
2013Paranormal Effects and Behavioural Characteristics of Participants in a Forced-Choice Psi Task: Ertel's Ball Selection Test under ScrutinyStorm, Lance; Ertel, Suitbert; Rock, Adam John 11-May-2015
2013ParapsychologyRock, Adam J ; Storm, Lance; Irwin, Harvey J; Beischel, Julie10-Jul-2014
2012Randomized Expectancy-Enhanced Placebo-Controlled Trial of the Impact of Quantum BioEnergetic Distant Healing and Paranormal Belief on Mood Disturbance: A Pilot StudyRock, Adam John ; Permezel, Fiona E; Storm, Lance11-Feb-2013
2012Shamanic-Like Journeying and Psi-Signal Detection: I. In Search of the Psi-Conducive Components of a Novel Experimental ProtocolRock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance; Harris, Kylie; Friedman, Harris L17-May-2013
2013Shamanic-like journeying and psi-signal detection: II. Phenomenological dimensionsRock, Adam John ; Storm, Lance; Harris, Kylie ; Friedman, Harris L19-May-2015
2011Shamanism and Psi: Imagery Cultivation as an Alternative to the Ganzfeld ProtocolStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam John 7-Jun-2013
2012Shamanism, Imagery Cultivation, and Psi-Signal Detection: A Theoretical Model, Experimental Protocol, and Preliminary DataRock, Adam J ; Storm, Lance17-May-2013
2013The Sheep-Goat Effect as a Matter of Compliance vs. Noncompliance: The Effect of Reactance in a Forced-Choice Ball Selection TestStorm, Lance; Ertel, Suitbert; Rock, Adam John 11-May-2015