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2008August to ANZAC: popular responses to the outbreak of the Great War in Australia, 1914-1915Mansfield, Grant; Spence, Iain; Bongiorno, Francis15-Sep-2010
2010Cavalry, democracy and military thinking in classical AthensSpence, Iain14-Nov-2011
2007The Costs and Benefits of Roman Annexation: Dacia AD 106-107Schmitz, Michael ; Spence, Iain; Hopwood, Bronwyn 15-Sep-2010
2003Deconstructing the Risk to Australia: Non-State Micro-Proliferation and the Use of Weapons of Mass DestructionNorman, Kenneth Raymond; Spence, Iain27-Jun-2013
2008The Eleian 'Asylia' and the Politics of the Archaic and Classical PeloponneseBourke, Graeme Francis; Stanton, Gregory ; Spence, Iain11-Sep-2009
11-Oct-2003The Forms and Evolution of the Dress and Regalia of the Byzantine Court: c. 900 – c. 1400Dawson, Timothy George; Garland, Lynda; Spence, Iain; Dillon, Matthew 11-Nov-2020
2002Historical Dictionary of Ancient Greek WarfareSpence, Iain29-Apr-2009
2016Nemesis: A Concept of Retribution in Ancient Greek Thought and CultBacke-Hansen, Wendy Kimelyn; Dillon, Matthew ; Garland, Lynda; Spence, Iain31-Jan-2017
2009Operation TORCH 1942: a study in Anglo-American military decision-makingArthy, Andrew; Spence, Iain; Knowles, Rob; Kent, David 15-Mar-2010
2008Themes and Structure in the 'Vita Marci Antonini'Adams, Geoff W; Stanton, Gregory ; Spence, Iain16-Sep-2010
1996"They Say": A Study of the Use and Function of Source-attributing Words in the 'Histories' of HerodotosNyland, Raymond John; Toohey, Peter; Spence, Iain17-Dec-2014