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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005Assisted passage or passive drift: A comparison of alternative transport mechanisms for non-indigenous coastal species into the Southern OceanLewis, PN; Riddle, MJ; Smith, Stephen D1-May-2009
2010Australian subtropical white syndrome: a transmissible, temperature-dependent coral diseaseDalton, Steve James ; Godwin, Scott Edward; Smith, Stephen D; Pereg, Lily 4-May-2011
2006Benthic macrofaunal communities in intermittent estuaries during a drought: Comparisons with permanently open estuariesHastie, Beth Frances; Smith, Stephen D8-Dec-2009
2010Biogeographical and cross-shelf patterns of reef fish assemblages in a transition zoneMalcolm, Hamish; Jordan, Alan; Smith, Stephen D10-May-2011
2006Coral disease dynamics at a subtropical location, Solitary Islands Marine Park, eastern AustraliaDalton, Steve James ; Smith, Stephen D25-Nov-2009
2008Corals versus monofilament: corals fight back in Savusavu Bay, FijiSmith, Stephen D; Hattori, Hideyo Christian7-Dec-2009
2007Depth-associated patterns in the development of benthic assemblages on artificial substrata deployed on shallow, subtropical reefsRule, Michael John ; Smith, Stephen D26-Nov-2009
2001The Effects of Dredge-Spoil Dumping on a Shallow Water Soft-Sediment Community in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, NSW, AustraliaSmith, Stephen D; Rule, Michael John 18-Dec-2009
2014Impacts of Climate-Change-Driven Sea Level Rise on Intertidal Rocky Reef Habitats Will Be Variable and Site SpecificThorner, Jaqueline; Kumar, Lalit ; Smith, Stephen D6-Mar-2014
2005Increasing codend mesh openings: An appropriate strategy for improving the selectivity of penaeid fishing gears in an Australian estuary?Macbeth, William G; Broadhurst, M; Millar, RB; Smith, Stephen D1-May-2009
2004Influence of an Antarctic waste dump on recruitment to nearshore marine soft-sediment assemblagesStark, Jonathan S; Riddle, Martin J; Smith, Stephen D8-Dec-2009
2008Interpreting molluscan death assemblages on rocky shores: Are they representative of the regional fauna?Smith, Stephen D25-Nov-2009
2007A long-term monitoring program of the marine environment of New South Wales: A standard protocol for data collection on nearshore reefsRule, Michael John ; Smith, Stephen D15-Feb-2010
2008Monitoring the sea change: Preliminary assessment of the conservation value of nearshore reefs, and existing impacts, in a high-growth, coastal region of subtropical eastern AustraliaSmith, Stephen D; Rule, Michael John ; Harrison, Matthew; Dalton, Steve James 27-Nov-2009
2010Objective selection of surrogate families to describe reef fish assemblages in a subtropical marine parkMalcolm, Hamish; Smith, Stephen D10-May-2011
2010Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Australian Subtropical White Syndrome at East Australian Reefs: Host Range, Prevalence, and Progression of Tissue NecrosisDalton, Steven ; Smith, Stephen D; Harrison, Matthew; Carroll, Andrew G; Pereg, Lily ; Cairns, Stuart C 6-Feb-2012
2010Stressors of Eastern Australian Subtropical Corals: Australian Subtropical White Syndrome and Coral BleachingDalton, Steven ; Pereg, Lily ; Smith, Stephen D13-Dec-2010
2005Subtidal assemblages associated with a geotextile reef in south-east Queensland, AustraliaEdwards, Rhys Anthony; Smith, Stephen D1-May-2009
2007Subtidal Marine Communities Inhabiting the Jetty Structure, Coffs Harbour: A preliminary inspectionSmith, Stephen D17-Dec-2009
2010Using patterns of reef fish assemblages to refine a Habitat Classification System for marine parks in NSW, AustraliaMalcolm, Hamish; Smith, Stephen D; Jordan, Alan10-May-2011