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1-Apr-2020Comparing Scores From Full Length, Short Form, and Adaptive Tests of the Social Interaction Anxiety and Social Phobia ScalesSunderland, Matthew; Afzali, Mohammad H; Batterham, Philip J; Calear, Alison L; Carragher, Natacha; Hobbs, Megan ; Mahoney, Alison; Peters, Lorna; Slade, Tim19-May-2020
Oct-2016The Psychometric Properties of the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K6) in a General Population Sample of AdolescentsMewton, Louise; Kessler, Ronald C; Slade, Tim; Hobbs, Megan J ; Brownhill, Louise; Birrell, Louise; Tonks, Zoe; Teesson, Maree; Newton, Nicola; Chapman, Cath; Allsop, Steve; Hides, Leanne; McBride, Nyanda; Andrews, Gavin22-May-2020
Jan-2014Relationship between measurement invariance and age-related differences in the prevalence of generalized anxiety disorderHobbs, Megan J ; Anderson, Tracy M; Slade, Tim; Andrews, Gavin25-May-2020
Feb-2013The Structure of Psychopathology: Toward an Expanded Quantitative Empirical ModelWright, Aidan G C; Krueger, Robert F; Hobbs, Megan J ; Markon, Kristian E; Eaton, Nicholas R; Slade, Tim25-May-2020
20-Mar-2014Structure of the DSM-5 generalized anxiety disorder criteria among a large community sample of worriersHobbs, Megan J ; Anderson, Tracy M; Slade, Tim; Andrews, Gavin25-May-2020