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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
May-2018Abundance, diet and prey selection of arboreal lizards in a grazed tropical woodlandNordberg, Eric J ; Murray, Paul; Alford, Ross; Schwarzkopf, Lin15-Sep-2021
4-Aug-2017Amphibians on the brinkBower, Deborah S ; Lips, Karen R; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Georges, Arthur; Clulow, Simon2-May-2019
Jan-2019Antipredator behaviour of invasive geckos in response to chemical cues from snakesCornelis, Jari; Nordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
1-Dec-2015Arboreal Cover Boards: Using Artificial Bark to Sample Cryptic Arboreal LizardsNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
Mar-2018Arboreality increases reptile community resistance to disturbance from livestock grazingNeilly, Heather; Nordberg, Eric J ; VanDerWal, Jeremy; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
2020Assessing the value of acoustic indices to distinguish species and quantify activity: A case study using frogsIndraswari, Karlina; Tucker, David; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Towsey, Michael; Roe, Paul; Bower, Deborah S 17-May-2019
Sep-2020Disease surveillance of the amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Papua New GuineaBower, Deborah S ; Jennings, Charlotte K; Webb, Rebecca J; Amepou, Yolarnie; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Berger, Lee; Alford, Ross A; Georges, Arthur; McKnight, Donald T; Carr, Leah; Nason, Dillian; Clulow, Simon21-Apr-2021
6-Nov-2020Ecological niche and microhabitat use of Australian geckosRiedel, Jendrian; Nordberg, Eric ; Schwarzkopf, Lin10-Sep-2021
Dec-2017Effects of emerging infectious diseases on host population genetics: a reviewMcKnight, Donald T; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Alford, Ross A; Bower, Deborah S ; Zenger, Kyall R2-May-2019
Dec-2017Fighting an uphill battle: the recovery of frogs in Australia's Wet TropicsMcKnight, Donald T; Alford, Ross A; Hoskin, Conrad J; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Greenspan, Sasha E; Zenger, Kyall R; Bower, Deborah S 17-May-2019
16-Oct-2020Geckos cling best to, and prefer to use, rough surfacesPillai, Rishab; Nordberg, Eric ; Riedel, Jendrian; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
May-2019Heat seekers: A tropical nocturnal lizard uses behavioral thermoregulation to exploit rare microclimates at nightNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin14-Sep-2021
Sep-2020Infection dynamics, dispersal, and adaptation: understanding the lack of recovery in a remnant frog population following a disease outbreakMcKnight, Donald T; Carr, Leah J; Bower, Deborah S ; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Alford, Ross A; Zenger, Kyall R14-Jul-2020
24-Aug-2017Infection increases vulnerability to climate change via effects on host thermal toleranceGreenspan, Sasha E; Bower, Deborah S ; Roznik, Elizabeth A; Pike, David A; Marantelli, Gerry; Alford, Ross A; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Scheffers, Brett R17-May-2019
2019Island of opportunity: can New Guinea protect amphibians from a globally emerging pathogen?Bower, Deborah S ; Lips, Karen R; Amepou, Yolarnie; Richards, Stephen; Dahl, Chris; Nagombi, Elizah; Supuma, Miriam; Dabek, Lisa; Alford, Ross A; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Ziembicki, Mark; Noro, Jeffrey N; Hamidy, Amir; Gillespie, Graeme R; Berger, Lee; Eisemberg, Carla; Li, Yiming; Liu, Xuan; Jennings, Charlotte K; Tjaturadi, Burhan; Peters, Andrew; Krockenberger, Andrew K; Nason, Dillian; Kusrini, Mirza D; Webb, Rebecca J; Skerratt, Lee F; Banks, Chris; Mack, Andrew L; Georges, Arthur; Clulow, Simon25-Jun-2020
Aug-2021Leech removal is not the primary driver of basking behavior in a freshwater turtleMcKnight, Donald T; Wirth, Wytamma; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Nordberg, Eric J 15-Sep-2021
Mar-2019Methods for normalizing microbiome data: An ecological perspectiveMcKnight, Donald T; Huerlimann, Roger; Bower, Deborah S ; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Alford, Ross A; Zenger, Kyall R13-May-2019
2019microDecon: A highly accurate read‐subtraction tool for the post‐sequencing removal of contamination in metabarcoding studiesMcKnight, Donald T; Huerlimann, Roger; Bower, Deborah S ; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Alford, Ross A; Zenger, Kyall R25-Jun-2020
13-Mar-2020Nonlinear variation in clinging performance with surface roughness in geckosPillai, Rishab; Nordberg, Eric ; Riedel, Jendrian; Schwarzkopf, Lin8-Sep-2021
22-May-2019Predation risk is a function of alternative prey availability rather than predator abundance in a tropical savanna woodland ecosystemNordberg, Eric J ; Schwarzkopf, Lin13-Sep-2021