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2011Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the development of pandemic influenza containment strategies: Community voices and community controlMassey, Peter D ; Miller, Adrian; Kelly, Jenny; Blackley, Magdalena; Clough, Alan; Saggers, Sherry; Durrheim, David N; Speare, Richard; Taylor, Kylie; Pearce, Glenn; Odo, Travis; Broome, Jennifer; Judd, Jenni10-May-2017
2010Culturally strong childcare programs for Indigenous children, families and communitiesGuilfoyle, Andrew; Saggers, Sherry; Sims, Margaret ; Hutchins, Teresa29-Apr-2011
2004Diversity: Beyond the nuclear familySaggers, Sherry; Sims, Margaret 24-Mar-2010
2012Inclusive childcare services: Meeting the challenge for Indigenous childrenSims, Margaret ; Saggers, Sherry; Francis, Katie20-Feb-2013
2008Indigenous child care: leading the waySims, Margaret ; Saggers, Sherry; Hutchins, Teresa; Guilfoyle, Andrew; Targowska, Anna; Jachiewicz, Stephanie16-Nov-2009
2012"Makes you proud to be black eh?": Reflections on meaningful Indigenous research participationKelly, Jenny; Saggers, Sherry; Reilly, Susan; Ahboo, Shayne; Taylor, Kylie; Pearce, Glenn; Massey, Peter D ; Bull, Jennifer; Odo, Travis; Thomas, John; Billycan, Rosita; Judd, Jenni9-May-2017