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2011Developmental GeneticsDyck, Michael; Ruvinsky, Anatoly23-Jan-2012
2001Developmental Mosaicism May Explain Spontaneous Reappearance of the Axin^Fu Mutation in MiceRuvinsky, Anatoly; Flood, Warren; Constantini, Frank21-Dec-2009
2008DNA-based parentage verification in two Australian goat herdsBolormaa, Sunduimijid; Ruvinsky, Anatoly; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 27-Nov-2009
2010Does Drive Toward Canonic Exonic Splicing Sites Exist in Mammals?Babenko, Vladimir; Ward, William Edward; Ruvinsky, Anatoly5-May-2011
2010Estimates of genetic and phenotypic parameters for production, haematological and gastrointestinal nematode-associated traits in Australian Angora goatsBolormaa, S; Olayemi, M; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Baillie, Neil; Le Jambre, F; Ruvinsky, Anatoly; Walkden-Brown, Steve W 2-Feb-2010
2006Evolutionary Computation for Optimization and Model Discovery in Biological SystemsGondro, Cedric ; Kinghorn, Brian ; Ruvinsky, Anatoly; Gibson, John 14-Jan-2016
2008Genetic Relationships among Australian and Mongolian Fleece-bearing GoatsBolormaa, Sunduimijid; Ruvinsky, Anatoly; Walkden-Brown, Steve William ; Van Der Werf, Julius Herman 1-Dec-2009
2010Genetics and RandomnessRuvinsky, Anatoly26-Nov-2009
2011The Genetics of the PigRothschild, Max F; Ruvinsky, Anatoly16-Jun-2011
2008Intron Framing Exonic Nucleotides: A Compromise Between Protein Coding and Splicing ConstraintsRuvinsky, Anatoly; Ward, William Edward17-Dec-2009
2007Intron Phase Patterns in Genes: Preservation and Evolutionary ChangesRuvinsky, Anatoly; Watson, Charles Richard17-Dec-2009
2009Intron-exon patterns as a potential tool in studying gene evolutionRuvinsky, Anatoly16-Mar-2010
2005Mammalian GenomicsRuvinsky, Anatoly; Graves, Jenny A. Marshall12-Oct-2009
2007Marker-assisted selection for aquaculture speciesRothschild, Max F; Ruvinsky, Anatoly10-May-2010
2010A quantitative trait locus for faecal worm egg and blood eosinophil counts on chromosome 23 in Australian goatsBolormaa, S; Van Der Werf, Julius H ; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Marshall, K L; Ruvinsky, Anatoly27-Jul-2010
2008A search for transmission ratio distortions in offspring from crosses between inbred micePurushothaman, D; Elliott, R W; Ruvinsky, Anatoly9-Nov-2009
2011Systematics and Evolution of the PigRuvinsky, Anatoly; Rothschild, Max F; Larson, Greger; Gongora, J23-Jan-2012