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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008AmphilinideaRohde, Klaus1-Feb-2012
2005Amphilinidea (unsegmented tapeworms)Rohde, Klaus3-Feb-2012
2006Appendix 1 - Simulations of geographical trends with an agent based ecological modelRohde, Klaus24-Jan-2012
2006Appendix 2 - Plankton: a paradox resolvedRohde, Klaus24-Jan-2012
2006Appendix 3 - Evolutionarily stable strategies and nonequilibriumRohde, Klaus24-Jan-2012
2012AspidogastreaRohde, Klaus1-Jul-2013
2005Aspidogastrea (aspidogastreans)Rohde, Klaus3-Feb-2012
2001The Aspidogastrea: An archaic group of PlatyhelminthesRohde, Klaus17-Sep-2013
2013The Balance of Nature and Human ImpactRohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
2005Cellular automata and ecologyRohde, Klaus15-Sep-2011
2012CestodaRohde, Klaus1-Jul-2013
2005Chaos in einem Nahrungsnetz von MikrobenRohde, Klaus24-Jun-2009
2002Co-occurrence of ectoparasites of marine fishes: a null model analysisGotelli, NJ; Rohde, Klaus31-Jul-2012
2013Community stability and instability in ectoparasites of marine and freshwater fishSimkova, Andrea; Rohde, Klaus21-Nov-2013
2005Definitions, and adaptations to a parasitic way of lifeRohde, Klaus3-Feb-2012
2012DigeneaRohde, Klaus1-Jul-2013
2005The ecological niches of parasitesRohde, Klaus; Rohde, Peter P3-Feb-2012
2002Ecology and Biogeography of Marine ParasitesRohde, Klaus1-Jul-2013
2016Ecology and Biogeography, Future Perspectives: Example Marine ParasitesRohde, Klaus24-May-2016
2005Eine neue Ökologie - Aktuelle Entwicklungen der evolutionären ÖkologieRohde, Klaus20-May-2009