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2013A diffusive logistic model with a free boundary in time-periodic environmentDu, Yihong ; Guo, Zongming; Peng, Rui12-Nov-2013
2009Effect of a protection zone in the diffusive Leslie predator-prey modelDu, Yihong ; Peng, Rui; Wang, Mingxin4-Dec-2009
2012The parabolic logistic equation with blow-up initial and boundary valuesDu, Yihong ; Peng, Rui; Polacik, Peter18-Feb-2013
2010Period-parabolic Logistic Equation with Spatial and Temporal DegeneraciesPeng, Rui; Du, Yihong ; Yan, Shusen 10-Jan-2011
2012The periodic logistic equation with spatial and temporal degeneraciesDu, Yihong ; Peng, Rui18-Feb-2013
2014Qualitative Analysis of a Cooperative Reaction-Diffusion System in a Spatiotemporally Degenerate EnvironmentAlvarez-Caudevilla, Pablo; Du, Yihong ; Peng, Rui29-Apr-2015
2013Sharp spatiotemporal patterns in the diffusive time-periodic logistic equationDu, Yihong ; Peng, Rui3-Feb-2014
2017Traveling waves for a generalized Holling-Tanner predator-prey modelAi, Shangbing; Du, Yihong ; Peng, Rui17-Apr-2018