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2008Deforestation, Forest Policy, and Government InactionPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra2-Jul-2014
2010Human Rights: Issues for Indo-Gulf RegionPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra20-Sep-2011
2013Interface Between Involuntary Displacement and Human Rights: Critical Issues for the Indigenous People of Gujarat State, IndiaPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra; Ware, Helen ; Jenkins, Bertram 27-Nov-2013
2011Managing Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the Involuntary Displaced People: Lessons from Selected Narmada Project in IndiaPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra8-May-2012
2012Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy for Internally Displaced People: Revealing Facts from the Narmada Dam Project in IndiaPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra8-May-2012
2009Rehabilitation RecalledPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra2-Jul-2014
2004Sardar Sarovar: Hope and RealityPandya, Hinal Dineshchandra19-Jul-2012