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2010Kozier and Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing: First Australian EditionKozier, Barbara; Erb, Glenora; Park, Tanya; Parker, Barbara; Reid-Searl, Kerry; Stanley, David ; Berman, Audrey; Snyder, Shirlee; Levett-Jones, Tracy; Dwyer, Trudy; Hales, Majella; Harvey, Nicole; Luxford, Yoni ; Moxham, Lorna25-May-2011
2011Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical thinking in client careLeMone, Priscilla; Burke, Karen M; Luxford, Yoni ; Raymond, Debra; Dwyer, Trudy; Levett-Jones, Tracy; Moxham, Lorna; Reid-Searl, Kerry; Berry, Kamaree; Carville, Keryln; Hales, Majella; Knox, Nicole14-Mar-2012
2010Mental health content of Australian pre-registration nursing curricula: Summary report and critical commentaryMcCann, Terence V; Moxham, Lorna; Farrell, Gerald; Usher, Kim ; Crookes, Patrick A11-Apr-2014
2009Mental health content of comprehensive pre-registration nursing curricula in AustraliaMcCann, Terence V; Moxham, Lorna; Usher, Kim ; Crookes, Patrick A; Farrell, Gerald11-Apr-2014
2011Mental health nursing education in preregistration nursing curricula: A national reportMoxham, Lorna; McCann, Terence; Usher, Kim ; Farrell, Gerry; Crookes, Patrick28-Apr-2014