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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009Academic accelerationMerrotsy, Peter17-Mar-2010
2011Academic Acceleration in Australia: An annotated bibliographyVasilevska, Sue; Merrotsy, Peter7-Feb-2012
2008AccelerationMerrotsy, Peter21-Oct-2009
2010Adding value and value adding: The concept of 'value added' in partially and fully selective schoolsHunt, Ian; Merrotsy, Peter20-Apr-2011
2010A Chaos of Delight: A Response to Professor Hisham GhassibMerrotsy, Peter15-Apr-2011
2009Contributing Factors in the Underachievement of Gifted Middle School StudentsWalters, Nicole; Merrotsy, Peter; Smith, Susen11-Sep-2009
2009Cultural and social capital and talent development: A study of a high-ability Aboriginal student in a remote communityKostenko, Karen; Merrotsy, Peter11-Mar-2010
2011Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration and its use with gifted childrenJennaway, Anke; Merrotsy, Peter7-Feb-2012
2014The Development of Empathy in Gifted Children, through the Lens of Dabrowski's Theory of Positive DistintegrationHarper, Amanda Jane; Cornish, Linley ; Merrotsy, Peter; Smith, Susen24-Apr-2015
2008Diversity and Educational EnvironmentsAshman, Adrian; Merrotsy, Peter27-Nov-2009
2010Early entry: When should a gifted child start school?Gallagher, Selena; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter3-May-2011
2013The Engagement of Metacognition During Critical Literacy Discourse by Young Talented ReadersBannister-Tyrrell, Michelle ; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter14-Nov-2013
2008Gifted Aboriginal Students: Making the Pathway AccessibleClark, Julie; Merrotsy, Peter22-Dec-2009
2008Gifted and Talented: Kick 'em while they're down?Merrotsy, Peter; Cornish, Linley ; Smith, Howard John; Smith, Susen10-Dec-2009
2012In the dark: Perspectives of parents of gifted students in Queensland primary schoolsGallagher, Selena; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter30-Nov-2012
2011Inventing the Wheel: Portraits of Acceleration and Grouping Provisions for the Socioemotional and Intellectual Needs of Gifted Students in Queensland Primary SchoolsGallagher, Selena; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter; Boyd, Jillian25-Sep-2012
2012Learners and environmentsAshman, Adrian; Merrotsy, Peter5-Mar-2012
2012Led by the eye or the ear: Using I-HEAR © to assess how children learnClayton, Michelle; Merrotsy, Peter; Smith, Susen19-Oct-2012
2016Meeting the Educational Needs of Gifted and Talented English-Language Learners in Australian Secondary SchoolsBlackburn, Aranzazu Maria; Cornish, Linley ; Smith, Susen; Merrotsy, Peter27-Jan-2017
2006Models and conceptions of giftednessMerrotsy, Peter12-Feb-2010