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2002Bridge over troubled water: Creating effective online support for the metacognitive aspects of problem solvingMcLoughlin, Catherine; Hollingworth, Rowan William24-Feb-2010
2002Computer Supported Teamwork: Evaluating Cooperative Learning in a Scaffolded Online Environmentde Raadt, Michael; McLoughlin, Catherine19-Feb-2010
2002An Investigation of the Enabling Features of the Oz Soils CD Program to Scaffold Transfer of Conceptual Understandings from Independent Learning Contexts to Laboratory and Real-life ContextsDaniel, Heiko ; Lockwood, Peter Vincent ; Stewart, Cherry ; McLoughlin, Catherine25-Feb-2010
2002New Directions in Science Teaching Online: Value adding with ICTHollingworth, Rowan William; McLoughlin, Catherine24-Feb-2010
2002Online support for action research in a teacher education internship in rural AustraliaMaxwell, Thomas William ; Reid, Jo-Anne; McLoughlin, Catherine; Clarke, Catherine Therese; Nicholls, Ruth Marian 7-Aug-2009
2002Satisfying French Language Student Needs in a Climate of Rapid Change: The UNE ExperienceHutchinson, Joyce Hilary; McLoughlin, Catherine; Koplin, Mara17-Apr-2009
2005Teaching in the Sciences: Learner-Centered ApproachesMcLoughlin, Catherine; Taji, Acram16-Jul-2012