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7-Oct-2005Bottom-Feeding PlesiosaursMcHenry, Colin R; Cook, Alex G; Wroe, Stephen 11-Jun-2021
2010The craniomandibular mechanics of being humanWroe, Stephen ; Ferrara, Toni L; McHenry, Colin R; Curnoe, Darren; Chamoli, Uphar28-Apr-2014
2011The Effects of Biting and Pulling on the Forces Generated during Feeding in the Komodo Dragon ('Varanus komodoensis')D'Amore, Domenic C; Moreno, Karen; McHenry, Colin R; Wroe, Stephen 28-Apr-2014
2011Mechanics of biting in great white and sandtiger sharksFerrara, Toni L; Clausen, Philip; Huber, D R; McHenry, Colin R; Peddemours, V; Wroe, Stephen 28-Apr-2014
9-Oct-2007Supermodeled sabercat, predatory behavior in Smilodon fatalis revealed by high-resolution 3D computer simulationMcHenry, Colin R; Wroe, Stephen ; Clausen, Philip D; Moreno, Karen; Cunningham, Eleanor25-May-2021
2013Why the Long Face? The Mechanics of Mandibular Symphysis Proportions in CrocodilesWalmsley, Christopher W; Smits, Peter D; Quayle, Michelle R; McCurry, Matthew R; Richards, Heather S; Oldfield, Christopher C; Wroe, Stephen ; Clausen, Phillip D; McHenry, Colin R4-Apr-2014