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2003Determinants of Fetal Leptin Synthesis, Fat Mass, and Circulating Leptin Concentrations in Well-Nourished Ewes in Late PregnancyMuhlhausler, B S; Roberts, C T; McMillen, I C; Yuen, B S J; Marrocco, E; Budge, H; Symonds, M E; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; Stagg, P; Pearse, J K27-Nov-2009
2005Differential impact of low birth weight on PPAR and leptin expression in perirenal fat in male and female lambsDuffield, J A; Vuocolo, T; Tellam, R; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; Mulhausler, B S; McMillan, I C13-Jul-2011
2004Effects of Leptin on Fetal Plasma Adrenocorticotropic Hormone and Cortisol Concentrations and the Timing of Parturition in the SheepYuen, BS; Owens, PC; Symonds, ME; Keisler, DH; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, IC20-Nov-2009
2004Evidence for an Interaction between CB₁ Cannabinoid and Melanocortin MCR-4 Receptors in Regulating Food IntakeVerty, Aaron N; McFarlane, James Robert; McGregor, Iain; Mallet, Paul Emile10-Dec-2009
2004Evidence for an interaction between CB₁ cannabinoid and oxytocin receptors in food and water intakeVerty, ANA; McFarlane, James Robert; McGregor, IS; Mallet, Paul Emile26-Nov-2009
2002Fetal Leptin Is a Signal of Fat Mass Independent of Maternal Nutrition in Ewes Fed at or above Maintenance Energy RequirementsMulhausler, B S; Roberts, CT; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, I C20-Nov-2009
2002Follistatin concentrations in maternal and fetal fluids during the oestrous cycle, gestation and parturition in Merino sheepMcFarlane, James Robert; Xia, Y; O'Shea, Timothy; Hayward, S; O'Connor, A; Kretser, D M16-Dec-2009
2007Follistatin serum concentrations during full-term labour in women: significant differences between spontaneous and induced labourRae, Kym Maree; Hollebone, K; Chetty, V; Clausen, J; McFarlane, James Robert26-Nov-2009
2005Immunohistochemistry of Follistatin Shows a Differential Expression Correlating With Differing Labour Groups in WomenRae, Kym Maree; Hollebone, K; Meng, L; Clausen, D C; McFarlane, James Robert12-Oct-2011
2005Impact of glucose infusion on the structural and functional characteristics of adipose tissue and on hypothalamic gene expression for appetite regulatory neuropeptides in the sheep fetus during late gestationMuhlhausler, B S; Adam, C L; Marrocco, E M; Findlay, P A; Roberts, C T; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, I C10-Dec-2009
2005Impact of periconceptional nutrition on maternal and fetal leptin and fetal adiposity in singleton and twin pregnanciesEdwards, L J; McFarlane, James Robert; Kauter, Kathleen; McMillen, I C26-Nov-2009
2008In vivo evidence of role of bone morphogenetic protein-4 in the mouse ovaryTanwar, Pradeep Singh; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James Robert26-Nov-2009
2008Leptin inhibits basal but not gonadotrophin-stimulated testosterone production in the immature mouse and sheep testisHerrid, Muren; Xia, Yin; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James Robert6-Nov-2009
2008Ontogeny of Leptin and its Receptor Expression in Mouse Testis During the Postnatal PeriodHerrid, Muren; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James Robert26-Nov-2009
2008The role of BMP signalling pathway in the regulation of ovarian follicle developmentAlmahbobi, Ghanim; Ruiss, Chantelle; Tadros, Amanda; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James Robert21-May-2010