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2013Corrigendum to "Mitochondrial DNA from 3000-year old chickens at the Teouma site, Vanuatu" [J. Archaeol. Sci. 37 (10) (2010) 2459-2468]Storey, Alice ; Spriggs, Matthew; Bedford, Stuart; Hawkins, Stuart C; Robins, Judith H; Huynen, Leon; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth19-Jul-2013
2008Counting Your Chickens: Density and Distribution of Chicken Remains in Archaeological Sites of OceaniaStorey, Alice ; Ladefoged, Thegn; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth5-Mar-2010
2013DNA and Pacific Commensal Models: Applications, Construction, Limitations, and Future ProspectsStorey, Alice ; Clarke, Andrew C; Ladefoged, Thegn; Robins, Judith; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth10-Apr-2013
2010Identifying Contact with the Americas: A Commensal-Based ApproachStorey, Alice ; Clarke, Andrew C; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth16-Jun-2011
2012Investigating the Global Dispersal of Chickens in Prehistory Using Ancient Mitochondrial DNA SignaturesStorey, Alice ; Athens, J Stephen; Kirch, Patrick V; Ladefoged, Thegn; McCoy, Patrick; Morales-Muniz, Arturo; Quiroz, Daniel; Reitz, Elizabeth; Robins, Judith; Walter, Richard; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth; Bryant, David; Carson, Mike; Emery, Kitty; deFrance, Susan; Higham, Charles; Huynen, Leon; Intoh, Michiko; Jones, Sharyn4-Sep-2012
2010Mitochondrial DNA from 3000-year old chickens at the Teouma Site, VanuatuStorey, Alice ; Spriggs, Matthew; Bedford, Stuart; Hawkins, Stuart C; Robins, Judith H; Huynen, Leon; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth24-Sep-2010
2013Polynesian chickens in the New World: a detailed application of a commensal approachStorey, Alice ; Quiroz, Daniel; Beavan, Nancy; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth16-Jul-2013
2010Polynesians in America: Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New WorldJones, Terry L; Storey, Alice ; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth; Ramirez-Aliaga, Jose Miguel16-Jun-2011
2011Pre-Columbian chickens of the Americas: a critical review of the hypotheses and evidence for their originsStorey, Alice ; Quiros, Daniel; Beavan, Nancy; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth19-Oct-2011
2008Pre-Columbian chickens, dates, isotopes and mtDNAStorey, Alice ; Quiros, Daniel; Ramirez, Jose Miguel; Bevan-Athfield, Nancy; Addison, David J; Walter, Richard; Hunt, Terry L; Athens, J. Stephen; Huynen, Leon; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth8-Mar-2010
2007Radiocarbon and DNA evidence for a pre-Columbian introduction of Polynesian chickens to ChileStorey, Alice ; Ramirez, Jose Miguel; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth; Quiroz, Daniel; Burley, David V; Addison, David J; Walter, Richard; Anderson, Atholl; Hunt, Terry L; Athens, J Stephen; Huynen, Leon8-Mar-2010
2010A Reappraisal of the Evidence for Pre-Columbian Introduction of Chickens to the AmericasStorey, Alice ; Quiros, Daniel; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth16-Jun-2011
2010Summary and ConclusionsJones, Terry L; Clarke, Andrew C; Storey, Alice ; Weisler, Marshall I; Cordero, Maria-Auxiladora; Green, Roger C; Irwin, Geoffry; Klar, Katheryn A; Matisoo-Smith, Elizabeth; Quiroz, Daniel; Ramirez-Aliaga, Jose Miguel; Scaglion, Richard16-Jun-2011