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2013Differential growth and yield by canola ('Brassica napus' L.) anhd wheat ('Triticum aestivum' L.) arising from alterations in chemical properties of sandy soils due to additions of fly ashYunusa, Isa ; Manoharan, Veeragathipillai; Harris, Rob; Lawrie, Roy; Pal, Yash; Quilton, Jonathan T; Bell, Richard; Eamus, Derek13-Sep-2016
2007Economic and environmental advantages of using fly ash as a soil amendment in agronomyYunusa, Isa ; Manoharan, Veeragathipillai; Eamus, Derek; Skilbeck, Greg7-Feb-2012
2007Utilisation of Coal Combustion Products in AgricultureYunusa, Isa ; Manoharan, Veeragathipillai; Burchett, Margaret; Eamus, Derek; Skilbeck, Greg14-Mar-2012