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2013Impact of carbon farming practices on soil carbon in northern New South WalesCowie, Annette ; Lonergan, Vanessa; Fazle Rabbi, Sheikh Mohammad ; Fornasier, Flavio; Macdonald, Catriona; Harden, Steven; Kawasaki, Akitomo; Singh, Brajesh K14-Apr-2014
2014The influence of land use and management on soil carbon levels for crop-pasture systems in Central New South Wales, AustraliaBadgery, Warwick B; Simmons, Aaron T; Murphy, Brian W; Rawson, Andrew; Andersson, Karl ; Lonergan, Vanessa28-Jul-2015
2013Land-use and historical management effects on soil organic carbon in grazing systems on the Northern Tablelands of New South WalesWilson, Brian ; Lonergan, Vanessa14-Mar-2014
2013The potential for sown tropical perennial grass pastures to improve soil organic carbon in the North-West Slopes and Plains of New South WalesSchwenke, Graeme ; McLeod, Malem K; Murphy, Sean; Harden, Steven; Cowie, Annette ; Lonergan, Vanessa14-Apr-2014