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2010Attitudinal outcomes of boundary permeability: A comparison of Australian and Singaporean employeesLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Gallois, Cindy10-May-2011
2014Be Happy: The Role of Resilience Between Characteristic Affect and Symptoms of DepressionLoh, Jennifer; Schutte, Nicola ; Thorsteinsson, Einar B 9-Oct-2014
2010Consequences of Workplace Bullying on Employee Identification and Satisfaction Among Australians and SingaporeansLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Zagencyzk, Thomas19-May-2011
2015Don't rock the boat: The moderating role of gender in the relationship between workplace incivility and work withdrawalLoi, Natasha ; Loh, Jennifer; Hine, Don W 17-Apr-2015
2007Lecturers' and students' perceptions of current teaching methods about schizophreniaLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon L20-Apr-2010
2009The nature of workplace boundaries between Australians and Singaporeans in multinational organizations: A qualitative inquiryLoh, Jennifer; Restubog, Simon; Gallois, Cindy29-Jun-2011
2004Psychology Student Opinion of Virtual Reality as a Tool to Educate About SchizophreniaTichon, J; Loh, Jennifer; King, R9-Nov-2009
2010The Role of Culture, Workgroup Membership, and Organizational Status on Cooperation and Trust: An Experimental InvestigationLoh, Jennifer; Smith, Joanne R; Restubog, Simon Lloyd D29-Apr-2011
2010The Role of Optimism in Health-Promoting Behaviors in New Primiparous MothersGill, Robyn M; Loh, Jennifer31-Oct-2011
2011Social determinants of health, coping and quality of life in migrants from Burma in Sangkhlaburi District, ThailandLehane, Leigh; Ditton, Mary ; Boughton, Robert ; Loh, Jennifer11-Oct-2011
2018Tit for tat: burnout as a mediator between workplace incivility and instigated workplace incivilityLoh, Jennifer; Loi, Natasha 30-May-2018
2010Understanding Students' Online Learning Experiences in Virtual TeamsLoh, Jennifer; Smyth, Robyn 3-Aug-2010