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2017Accounting for risk in productivity analysis: an application to Norwegian dairy farmingLien, Gudbrand; Kumbhakar, Subal C; Hardaker, John Brian19-Jan-2018
2006Comparison of risk in organic, integrated and conventional cropping systems in eastern NorwayLien, Gudbrand; Flaten, Ola; Korsaeth, Auden; Schumann, Keith D; Richardson, James W; Eltun, Ragnar; Hardaker, J Brian2-Jun-2010
2009How Should Governments Make Risky Policy Decisions?Hardaker, John Brian; Fleming, Euan ; Lien, Gudbrand1-Feb-2010
2003Optimal length of leys in an area with winter damage problemsLien, Gudbrand; Kristensen, A R; Hegrenes, A; Hardaker, J Brian29-Apr-2010
2007Perceived risk sources and strategies to cope with risk among forest owners with and without off-property work in eastern NorwayStordal, Stale; Lien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian28-Apr-2010
2007Rationalising Risk Assessment: Applications to Agricultural BusinessHardaker, J Brian; Lien, Gudbrand28-Apr-2010
2007Risk and economic sustainability of crop farming systemsLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian; Flaten, Ola29-Apr-2010
2009Risk programming analysis with imperfect informationLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian; van Asseldonk, Marcel A P M; Richardson, James W29-Apr-2010
2009Risk programming and sparse data: how to get more reliable resultsLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, J Brian; van Asseldonk, Marcel A P M; Richardson, James W28-Apr-2010
2003Stochastic Dynamic Optimisation: An Analysis of Surface Grading of Peat Soils in Northern NorwayLien, Gudbrand; Hegrenes, Agnar; Hardaker, John Brian1-Oct-2010
2004Stochastic efficiency analysis with risk aversion bounds: a simplified approachHardaker, J Brian; Richardson, James W; Lien, Gudbrand; Schumann, Keith D29-Apr-2010
2009Synergies, scope economies and scale diseconomies on farms in NorwayFleming, Euan ; Lien, Gudbrand3-Feb-2010
2014Technical efficiency in competing panel data models: A study of Norwegian grain farmingKumbhakar, Subal C; Lien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, John Brian6-Nov-2017
2001Whole-farm planning under uncertainty: Impacts of subsidy scheme and utility function on portfolio choice in Norwegian agricultureLien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, John22-Jan-2018