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2010Clients as Teachers: Reciprocal Influences in Therapy RelationshipsKottler, Jeffrey; Hunter, Sally 
2010An Exploration of Counselor Experiences of Adolescents With Sexual Behavior ProblemsChassman, Linda; Kottler, Jeffrey; Madison, Jeanne 
2005Learning from Their Finest Hours: A Narrative Analysis of Core ThemesKottler, Jeffrey; Carlson, Jon; Maple, Myfanwy 
2010An Overview of the Qualitative Journey: Reviewing Basic ConceptsMinichiello, Victor ; Kottler, Jeffrey
2010The Personal Nature of Qualitative ResearchMinichiello, Victor ; Kottler, Jeffrey
2010Prominent Themes and Lessons LearnedKottler, Jeffrey; Minichiello, Victor 
2010Qualitative Journeys: Student and Mentor Experiences With ResearchMinichiello, Victor ; Kottler, Jeffrey
2010Radical Reflexivity in Qualitative ResearchLeary, David A; Minichiello, Victor ; Kottler, Jeffrey
2007Therapists are Socially Constructed TooHunter, Sally ; Kottler, Jeffrey