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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Mar-2173Brush offJames, Wendy17-Jul-2013
2006Character ReferencesJames, Wendy28-Jul-2011
1996Connecting the DotsJames, Wendy1-Jun-2011
2001ContractionsJames, Wendy3-Oct-2014
2006A defence of creative writingJames, Wendy2-Dec-2011
1998DivertimentoJames, Wendy22-May-2012
1995DivingJames, Wendy7-Oct-2014
2001Diving (about swimming and writing)James, Wendy27-Jul-2011
2009End of SeasonJames, Wendy28-Jul-2011
1997End of seasonJames, Wendy27-Jun-2012
1998Going Down A HeroJames, Wendy19-Jan-2015
1998Ground zeroJames, Wendy27-Jul-2011
2009History and FictionJames, Wendy6-Dec-2011
1997London, EnglandJames, Wendy9-Oct-2014
2012The MistakeJames, Wendy29-Jan-2015
2014'The Mistake': Some Questions of Ethics and FormJames, Wendy; Pender, Anne; O'Sullivan, Jane; Fisher, Jeremy ; Sharkey, Michael19-Nov-2014
2005Out of the Silence: A Story of Love, Betrayal, Politics and MurderJames, Wendy1-Jun-2011
1998Pleading GuiltyJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
1998The Purse In Her HandJames, Wendy6-Feb-2012
2010She ain't heavyJames, Wendy28-Jul-2011