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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2017Advancing engagement methods for trials: the CORE study relational model of engagement for a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial of experience-based co-design for people living with severe mental illnessesRichard, Lauralie; Piper, Donella ; Weavell, Wayne; Callander, Rosemary; Iedema, Rick; Furler, John; Pierce, David; Godbee, Kali; Gunn, Jane; Palmer, Victoria J25-May-2017
2015A brief history of communication in healthcareIedema, Rick; Piper, Donella ; Manidis, Marie20-Mar-2017
2008Co-producing careIedema, Rick; Sorensen, Roslyn; Jorm, Christine; Piper, Donella 25-Mar-2012
2010Codesigning as a Discursive Practice in Emergency Health Services: The Architecture of DeliberationIedema, Rick; Merrick, Eamon; Piper, Donella ; Britton, Kate; Gray, Jane; Verma, Raj; Manning, Nicole10-May-2011
2015Communicating about how the safety and quality of care are regulatedPiper, Donella ; Slawomirski, Luke; Iedema, Rick20-Mar-2017
2015Communicating bad news: when care goes wrongIedema, Rick; Bower, Kate; Piper, Donella 22-Mar-2017
2015Communicating Quality and Safety in Health CareIedema, Rick; Piper, Donella ; Manidis, Marie17-Mar-2017
2015The CORE study protocol: a stepped wedgd cluster randomised controlled trial to test a co-design technique to optimise psychosocial recovery outcomes for people affected by mental illness in the community mental health settingPalmer, Victoria J; Chondros, Patty; Furler, John; Pierce, David; Schuster, Tibor; Iedema, Rick; Gunn, Jane; Piper, Donella ; Callander, Rosenary; Waevell, Wayne; Godbee, Kaki; Potiriadis, Maria; Richard, Lauralie; Densely, Konstancja; Herrman, Helen18-May-2015
2010Disclosing clinical adverse events to patients: can practice inform policy?Sorensen, Ros; Iedema, Rick; Piper, Donella ; Manias, Elizabeth; Williams, Allison; Tuckett, Anthony16-Feb-2012
2013Do Patients Want and Expect Compensation following Harm?Iedema, Rick; Piper, Donella 18-Jul-2013
2010Emergency Department Co-Design Program 1 Stage 2 Evaluation Report: Final Report to Health Services Performance Improvement Branch, NSW HealthPiper, Donella ; Iedema, Rick; Merrick, E29-Apr-2011
2008Emergency Department Co-Design Stage 1 Evaluation - Report to Health Services Performance Improvement Branch, NSW HealthIedema, Rick; Merrick, Eamon; Piper, Donella ; Walsh, J20-Feb-2012
2015Getting to the CORE of the links between engagement, experience and recovery outcomesPalmer, Victoria J; Gunn, Jane; Godbee, Kali; Potiriadis, Maria; Densley, Konstancja; Chondros, Patty; Herrman, Helen; Callander, Rosemary; Weavell, Wayne; Furler, John; Piper, Donella ; Pierce, David; Iedema, Rick; Richard, Lauralie18-May-2015
2008Health care professionals' views of implementing a policy of open disclosure of errorsSorensen, Ros; Iedema, Rick; Piper, Donella ; Manias, Elizabeth; Williams, Allison; Tuckett, Anthony20-Feb-2012
2011The implications of mandatory notification for clinician-researchers involved in observational research in health servicesIedema, Rick; Piper, Donella 16-Feb-2012
2015Introduction: communicating for quality and safetyIedema, Rick; Piper, Donella ; Manidis, Marie24-Mar-2017
2015Involving patients in understanding hospital infection control using visual methodsWyer, Mary; Jackson, Debra ; Iedema, Rick; Hor, Su-Yin; Gilbert, Gwendolyn L; Jorm, Christine; Hooker, Claire; O'Sullivan, Matthew Vincent Neil; Carroll, Katherine13-Apr-2016
2010Legal aspects of open disclosure II: attitudes of health professionals - findings from a national surveyStuddert, David M; Piper, Donella ; Iedema, Rick19-May-2011
2011Literature Review: Incident disclosure policy, legal reform and research since 2008Piper, Donella ; Iedema, Rick20-Feb-2012
2008Media LiteracyFeez, Susan ; Iedema, Rick; White, Peter16-Apr-2010