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2011Evidence against early nineteenth century major European induced environmental impacts by illegal settlers in the New England Tablelands, south eastern AustraliaWoodward, Craig; Chang, Jie; Zawadzki, Atun; Shulmeister, James; Haworth, Robert J; Collecutt, Sasha; Jacobsen, Geraldine17-Jul-2013
2010Gold and its landscapes: Uralla in the 'Roaring Days'Haworth, Robert J; Goode, Arnold5-May-2011
2010Golden Words and A Golden Landscape: Essays on Uralla gold mining history and a Glossary of the miners' language in Australia from the 1850s to 1905Ryan, John Sprott ; Goode, Arnold; Haworth, Robert J; O'Donohue, Peter 4-May-2011
2011An Integrated Approach to Tourism Planning in a Developing Nation: A Case Study from Beloi (Timor-Leste)Dutra, Leo XC; Haworth, Robert J; Taboada, Manuela B22-Jul-2013
2009Introduction to 'Thinking Rail: Lessons from the Past, the Way of the Future'Piper, Andrew ; Haworth, Robert J8-Mar-2010
2010Preamble to 'Golden Words and A Golden Landscape'Ryan, John Sprott ; Haworth, Robert J; Goode, Arnold; O'Donohue, Peter 4-May-2011
2012The Several 'Discoveries' of Sydney's Georges River: Precursors to the 'Tom Thumb' ExpeditionHaworth, Robert J13-May-2013
2009Thinking Rail: Lessons from the past, the way of the futurePiper, Andrew ; Haworth, Robert J18-Mar-2010