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2011Analysing Productivity Changes Using the Bootstrapped Malmquist Approach: The Case of the Iranian Banking IndustryArjomandi, Amir; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Harvie, Charles17-Sep-2013
2012An empirical analysis of Iran's banking performanceArjomandi, Amir; Harvie, Charles; Valadkhani, Abbas 6-Sep-2013
2008A factor analysis of international portfolio diversificationValadkhani, Abbas ; Chancharat, Surachai; Harvie, Charles16-Oct-2013
2013Global output growth and volatility spilloversValadkhani, Abbas ; Harvie, Charles; Karunanayake, Indika14-Oct-2013
2009Malmquist indices of productivity change in Botswana's financial institutionsMoffat, Boitumelo; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Harvie, Charles9-Sep-2013