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2007Analysis of the Casson and Carreau-Yasuda non-Newtonian blood models in steady and oscillatory flows using the lattice Boltzmann methodBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James; Green, Simon20-May-2009
2005Effect of body tilt on calf muscle performance and blood flow in humansEgana, M; Green, Simon13-Sep-2011
2006Effect of posture on high-intensity constant-load cycling performance in men and womenEgana, M; Green, Simon; Garrigan, EJ; Warmington, S22-Sep-2011
2016The effect of resistance training on markers of immune function and inflammation in previously sedentary women recovering from breast cancer: a randomized controlled trialHagstrom, Amanda ; Marshall, Paul W M; Lonsdale, Chris; Papalia, Shona; Cheema, Birinder S; Toben, Catherine; Baune, Bernhard T; Fiatarone Singh, Maria A; Green, Simon2-Mar-2016
2006Effect of training on the response of plasma vascular endothelial growth factor to exercise in patients with peripheral arterial diseaseWood, RE; Sanderson, BE; Askew, CD; Walker, PJ; Green, Simon; Stewart, IB27-Sep-2011
2007Intensity-dependent effect of body tilt angle on calf muscle fatigue in humansEgana, M; Green, Simon15-Sep-2011
2006A Second-order accurate lattice Boltzmann non-Newtonian flow modelBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James; Green, Simon20-May-2009
2006Short-term effects of cycle and treadmill training on exercise tolerance in peripheral arterial diseaseSanderson, B; Askew, C; Stewart, I; Walker, P; Gibbs, H; Green, Simon22-Sep-2011
2008Simulating Blood Flow in A Human Carotid Artery Model Using the Lattice Boltzmann MethodBoyd, Joshua; Buick, James Maxwell; Green, Simon18-May-2009
2005Skeletal muscle phenotype is associated with exercise tolerance in patients with peripheral arterial diseaseAskew, CD; Green, Simon; Walker, PJ; Kerr, GK; Green, AA; Williams, AD; Febbraio, MA13-Sep-2011