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2011Acute vision in the giant Cambrian predator 'Anomalocaris' and the origin of compound eyesPaterson, John R ; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Lee, MSY; Brock, GA; Jago, JB; Edgecombe, GD22-Feb-2012
2008Early Cambrian Arthropods from the Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte, South AustraliaPaterson, John Richard ; Jago, JB; Gehling, JG; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD; Lee, MSY20-Mar-2012
2011The geological context of the Lower Cambrian (Series 2) Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte and adjacent stratigraphic units, Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaGehling, JG; Jago, JB; Paterson, John R ; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD22-Feb-2012
2011Modern optics in exceptionally preserved eyes of Early Cambrian arthropods from AustraliaLee, MSY; Jago, JB; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD; Gehling, JG; Paterson, John R 3-Feb-2012
2012New Artiopodan Arthropods from the Early Cambrian Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstätte of South AustraliaPaterson, John R ; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD19-Feb-2013
2011A new leanchoiliid megacheiran arthropod from the lower Cambrian Emu Bay Shale, South AustraliaEdgecombe, GD; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Paterson, John R 22-Feb-2012