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2009Bilateral and Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users Compared on Speech Perception in NoiseDunn, Camille C; Noble, William G ; Tyler, Richard S; Kordus, Monika; Gantz, Bruce J; Ji, Haihong11-Mar-2010
2008Comparison of Speech Recognition and Localization Performance in Bilateral and Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users Matched on Duration of Deafness and Age at ImplementationDunn, Camille C; Tyler, Richard S; Oakley, Sarah; Gantz, Bruce J; Noble, William Glass 3-Dec-2009
2006Soundfield hearing for patients with cochlear implants and hearing aidsTyler, Richard S; Dunn, Camille C; Witt, Shelley A; Noble, William Glass ; Gantz, Bruce J; Rubinstein, Jay T; Parkinson, Aaron J; Branin, Steve C20-Oct-2009